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Vanson Chau



Carlsbad, CA

Vanson is a fourth-year studying Business Psychology in the Sixth College. He is very passionate about learning how the mind works and studying human behaviors within the business world. In the future, Vanson strives to one day create and have his own business using the tools and knowledge he has acquired from studying how people think and act especially within a corporation.


Professionally, Vanson seeks out internships in marketing and consulting to further his resume and knowledge of the field he is trying to pursue. He also would like to work in startups for now as he can also get a view of how businesses are developed and started.


In his free time, Vanson enjoys working on cars, riding motorcycles, fishing, and working out. He is a man of many interests and is always open to trying new things and diving into new hobbies. He is also very passionate about the hobbies he is into and loves to share his knowledge to anyone who seeks his help.

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