Learn more about the Nu Xi Chapter and the history of our fraternity.


Founded on October 5,1904, at New York University, Alpha Kappa Psi is the world's oldest and largest business fraternity. AKPsi was founded by "Brooklyn Four" --- George L. Bergen, Howard M. Jefferson, Nathan Lane Jr., and Frederic R. Leach --- with the purpose of developing its members into principled business leaders. Every night, the founding fathers would walk home together on the Brooklyn Bridge and as their brotherhood grew stronger, it encouraged them to begin an outline for the future of their organization. 


Alpha Kappa Psi is a Professional, Co-ed Business Fraternity that is open to all majors. This professional organization currently has over 298,000 initiated members at 219 universities in 4 countries. With an extensive network of alumni, members have access to countless opportunities and are prepared for a life of success.



Located in the sunny town of La Jolla, the Nu Xi Chapter brings the values of Alpha Kappa Psi to the UC San Diego campus. Established in 2019, the chapter has grown its presence on-campus and is continuing to develop an extensive alumni network in numerous different industries. Our Brothers gain professional mentorship from industry-experienced individuals and reach their career aspirations with tools and resources offered by the fraternity. Alpha Kappa Psi offers an equal opportunity to individuals in all academic departments.

Beyond the professionalism, our Brothers are able to create lifelong friendships and find a community away from home. Alpha Kappa Psi welcomes individuals from all backgrounds and embraces the diverse student population. Our Brothers inspire and help each other pursue our greatest dreams. We congratulate each other on our victories, but more importantly, we are there for each other through our defeats. More than an organization, we build each other up as a family.