Maya Lu



Fremont, CA

Maya is a fourth-year studying Political Science with a minor in Data Science. Her life’s mission is to leave as big and as positive of an imprint on the world during her time here. She loves hearing new perspectives and life experiences and understanding how people have reached the place they are at now. She is constantly on a journey of self-growth, pushing herself to better appreciate the world and people around her.


Throughout her years in college, Maya has had the opportunity to intern with non-profits, a research center, an international NGO, and a government agency. Her experiences have taught her about grassroots advocacy, immigration policy, human trafficking in Asia, and US humanitarian aid. Maya finds herself the most motivated while doing meaningful work and dreams to pursue a career where she can use data science to advocate for the rights and protection of human trafficking victims, refugees, and internally displaced people.


With her worldwide aspirations, Alpha Kappa Psi is still her home base. Her brothers have been there to support her every step of the way, sticking with her through not just the highs but her lowest lows. She loves the fraternity and is looking forward to making lots of memories with everyone during her last year at UCSD.


Chloe Lee

VP of Membership


Monterrey Park, CA

Chloe is currently a third-year majoring in Cognitive Science - Design and Interaction. Although she used to be a Statistics major, she soon realized that her interests lied in UX Research and Design. With this new major, Chloe hopes to use her math skills to aid her in conducting meaningful research. She highly values principles such as empathy, usability, and respect in both her work and personal life. In order to hone her design research skills, she is working at the Cognitive Media Lab on research regarding misinformation on social media platforms.


In her free time, she enjoys making Spotify playlists, watching Netflix shows, going to the gym, and finding tattoo inspiration. Chloe looks forward to seeing new faces this spring quarter and meeting new people to capture moments with!


Kyra-Mariae Toves

VP of Administration


Long Beach, CA

Kyra-Mariae is a third-year from Revelle College pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Human Developmental Sciences with a specialty in Equity and Diversity. She aspires to become a social worker and practice effective interventions to improve family dynamics.


It has been a long-time dream for Kyra-Mariae to take part in a career that involves helping and serving others. After joining AKPsi in college and meeting other highly motivated individuals, Kyra discovered the kind of positive impact she wishes to have on others. Her close connections with her brothers offered her an enriching experience, where she knew she could confidently rely on her brothers and be a person they could equally lean on. This past summer, Kyra spent time on an island organizing daily beach clean-ups and waking up early as a volunteer sea turtle patrol. This experience gave her a new perspective of the world around her and demonstrated her ability to take initiative and persevere through tough moments.


As an avid learner and fan of all trades, Kyra-Mariae often engages in various activities with her younger sister and friends. She appreciates coming across new vegan recipes to try with friends and building aesthetically pleasing charcuterie boards. Kyra also enjoys learning new card games or replaying her favorite games, The Oregon Trail and Bananagrams. And when she finally has time to herself, she finds comfort in taking night strolls along the beach or reading a book lent to her by a friend.


Eva Luong

VP of Alumni Relations


Alhambra, CA

Eva is a third-year studying International Business with a minor in Design. She is passionate about UX Design and hopes to work in the intersection of sustainability and technology within this industry. Her other interests include design within the healthcare field as well.


This past fall quarter, Eva was an intern for SONY Electronics and UCSD Design Lab where she studied the interactions between smartphones and TVs. She worked with the SONY Human Factors team in designing a solution that would improve device interactions with TVs, an underrepresented product within the design industry. Currently, she is a part of the design and marketing cohort for a startup, using her skills to prepare for the beta phase launching in the summer. While studying both business and design, Eva enjoys designing elegant solutions that generate a delightful user experience in the business world.


Nhathan Nguyen

VP of Business Development


Stockton, CA

Nhathan is a second-year student at Revelle College studying Cognitive Science with a Specialization in Machine Learning and Neural Computation, along with a minor in Data Science. Nhathan enjoys staying curious and identifies himself as a life long learner who loves giving back and elevating those around him.


Professionally, Nhathan hopes to pursue a career in tech, either in product management or consulting, where he can apply his love for leadership, innovation, and strategic problem-solving. With his background working in a variety of industries such as Sales, Tech, Finance and Analytics, Nhathan is continuously searching and taking advantage of the opportunities around him.


In his free time, Nhathan can be seen lifting at the gym, running long distances, and cooking a nice meal. Nhathan's quote to live by is “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” - Steve Jobs.


Angela Giang

VP of Finance


Long Beach, CA

Angela is third-year Management Science major, Accounting minor from Revelle College intending to pursue a career in accounting but also has an interest in marketing and product management. Creativity plays a big role in her life as she is passionate about art and strives to incorporate that into her life in any way possible. She currently runs a sticker shop on Etsy, which to her has been the perfect way to have a creative outlet combined with an opportunity to explore entrepreneurship. Duality is an important part of her personality and she believes in creating a future for herself where she can succeed at both.


After graduating this Spring, Angela is going to be a future Summer 2022 Tax Intern for Deloitte where she wants to work on projects for media and entertainment clients. She plans on getting a Masters in Professional Accountancy during her fourth year at UCSD. Currently, she is balancing her sticker shop with her UCSD jobs and she hopes to do the same when she's a working professional. Being dedicated to making people happy with her artwork and giving back to her community serves as a driving force for doing everything she can to develop professionally and personally.


Outside of professional and academic life, you can find Angela enjoying time with her friends doing things like watching the sunset or making TikToks. Her daily life consists of making things look nice for the aesthetic and being organized by journaling.


Andrew Monteilh

VP of Public Relations & Marketing


Berkeley, CA

Andrew is a fourth year student in Warren College studying international business with a minor in ICAM. Growing up, Andrew lived internationally in countries like the U.K., Japan, and Hong Kong, as well as both coasts of the U.S. This international experience motivated his adventurous spirit and ultimate degree choice. After graduation, Andrew hopes to land a career that can bridge the intersection between his creative free spirit and the stability of business. With prior experience relating to marketing, advertising, and management, Andrew is fascinated by the fast paced world of technology and social media. Having previously interned at a small Hong Kong social venture startup on their marketing team, ask him about his (drastically) different experiences at Amazon or SAP.

Outside of the professional world, Andrew's hobbies include playing and writing music with friends, spontaneous road trips, film photography, and being a self proclaimed TikTok influencer. Despite transferring to UCSD during the pandemic, Andrew is beyond grateful to have received the opportunity to finally feel a sense of belonging in his hectic college career through Alpha Kappa Psi. Though the transition to a new school was extremely daunting, Andrew believes that taking the initiative to come out to the fraternity’s events and become part of the brotherhood made it so worthwhile. 


Kyle Yun

VP of Brotherhood


San Jose, CA

Kyle is a third-year transfer from Sixth College studying Public Health concentrating in Health Management and Policy. A Bay Area native, he is excited for this new change of pace coming into San Diego. Kyle had the privilege to grow up with a family that taught him the values of empathy, kindness, and giving back to his community. Striving to make his family proud, Kyle makes his best efforts to leave a positive impact on others and living life to its fullest, doing what excites.


Professionally, healthcare has always been Kyle's passion. This summer he will be interning at Hologic as a health integration and automative marketing intern in order to further develop his understanding of the healthcare sector. Kyle knows that healthcare is directly tied into the business world and is something that is constantly being changed and innovated with different policies and new technology everyday, but at the same time is something that still isn't accessible nor affordable to many different populations. Knowing this he hopes to utilize his knowledge in the future through healthcare reform and consulting in order to make a positive change in our current healthcare system.


In his free time, Kyle enjoys running and hiking, often looking for new trails to run and places to explore. This passion stems from a lifetime of playing sports; soccer is his main sport, but he also played golf and basketball. He loves to cook new and different cuisines, with his specialty being Korean comfort food. You can often find him wearing AirPods listening to a wide variety of music ranging from kpop to EDM or looking at the latest sneaker drops. He also loves reading manga and watching anime, his favorite being Fullmetal. Recently Kyle has also been trying to learn how to play the guitar!


Although Kyle's time at San Diego has been short, he already feels right at home with his brothers in the Nu Xi chapter and can't wait to make even more memories with his newfound family.