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Andrew Monteilh



Berkeley, CA

Andrew is a fifth year studying international business and double minoring in ICAM and design. Growing up, Andrew lived abroad in countries like the U.K., Japan, and Hong Kong, as well as both coasts of the U.S. This international experience motivated his adventurous spirit and ultimate degree choice. After graduation, Andrew hopes to land a career that can bridge the intersection between his creative side and the stability of business–ideally at a company that he is passionate about. With experience in marketing, advertising, and management, Andrew is fascinated by the fast paced world of social media and how content can be creatively delivered to target audiences. His latest professional endeavor was in the entertainment industry at Insomniac, a music company which contrasted heavily from his previous internships at tech companies like SAP or Amazon. ​


Outside of the professional world, Andrew's hobbies include playing and writing music in a band with friends, spontaneous road trips, film photography, and creating various forms of visual art. Andrew is beyond grateful to have received the opportunity to finally feel a sense of belonging in his hectic college career through Alpha Kappa Psi and is excited to take on the role of fraternity president this upcoming year.


Starlee Hoc

VP of Membership


San Gabriel, CA

Starlee is a third-year student in Eleanor Roosevelt College studying Business Economics with a minor in Computational Social Science. Growing up in the San Gabriel Valley, Starlee is grateful to have been exposed to a variety of cultures and food. Living in an enclave of Asian Americans, Starlee takes pride in being a part of such a strong community of people. As an only child with parents owning a small business, Starlee learned to be independent at a young age. He cherishes the bonds he has with his friends and family and is thankful for everyone who has influenced him. He hopes to be a positive influence on his brothers and to reinforce the strong community he grew up with.


After college, Starlee is interested in going into consulting and working at one of the Big 4. He wants to move to New York and live out his youth in the big city. He enjoys critical thinking and loves to explore interesting topics from behavioral economics to data research and even personal health. As someone who appreciates the small details in life, he finds fulfillment in music, conversations with strangers, and new experiences. In the meantime, he is content with picking up new skills and networking with people in his fields of interest. Later in life, Starlee hopes to work with people in his community so that they can have as many opportunities and experiences available to them.


In his pastime, Starlee loves to explore. He fancies trying new food, visiting cool places, and doing spontaneous activities. Whether it’s biking, running, or lifting weights you can usually find him being active and outside. He is always down to hang out with his brothers because he knows it’ll be a good time when they’re around. Despite experiencing so much in the last 2 years, Starlee knows he’s only reached the tip of the iceberg and that there is still much more for him to experience.

lauren lee.jpg

Lauren Lee

VP of Administration


Cupertino, CA

Lauren is a third-year studying Math-Computer Science. Over the past two years, she has learned how to code and has gained experience in software engineering, mainly web development. In the future, she is not exactly sure what career path she would like to take but for now is enjoying taking math and computer science classes and finding new topics that interest her.


Coming into UCSD, Lauren was extremely lucky to have found a supportive community of motivated individuals in AKPsi. She truly values her relationships with her brothers, friends, and family and is excited to continue making memories with them.

erin yeager.JPG

Erin Lee

VP of Alumni Relations


Los Angeles, CA

Erin Lee! She’s a third-year majoring in International Studies - Political Science with an interest in Business Entrepreneurship. Whether it be a stimulating debate or a deep heart-to-heart, Erin values meaningful and thoughtful interactions. She hopes that, with every encounter, she will learn something new, and strives to leave an impactful impression on the people around her.


In order to pursue a career in law, Erin is applying herself in various concentrations in the field. Through her most recent internship at the San Diego Superior Court, she was exposed to different types of legal professions and found value in serving the greater San Diego community. Still, Erin is considering careers in project management and consulting. The choices are limitless and Erin wants to explore all that she can before making a final decision. Post grad, she is hoping to work abroad in East Asia. She wants to integrate policy and business management to access topical issues in underdeveloped countries’ economic and political systems.


In her free time, Erin enjoys playing and watching soccer, watching movies, and bowling. She often takes advantage of her newfound licensed freedom by spontaneously adventuring to new places with her friends. These days, she has been spending most of her time with her brothers. Through Alpha Kappa Psi, Erin has received so much love and support in both her professional and personal growth. All of her best memories have been with her brothers, and she can’t wait to make more throughout the next two years of college.

patric young.JPG

Patric Young

VP of Business Development


Temple City, CA

Patric is a fourth year studying Human Biology at UC San Diego with a minor in Business. Patric enjoys surrounding himself with driven and like-minded individuals who constantly inspire him to be the best version of himself. He also firmly believes that one can find great joy in giving back and helping others.


Healthcare has been Patric’s passion ever since middle school, and this passion is reflected in his volunteer and work experiences. Patric volunteered at the Methodist Hospital of Southern California as well as the California Hospital Medical Center, where he was able to assist doctors and nurses in extending healthcare to patients. Patric is currently a Laboratory Research Assistant at USC’s Endocrine Laboratories, where he participates in specimen preparation and testing, as well as patient data analysis. In the future, Patric aspires to become a Pediatrician, using his skill sets to positively impact a vulnerable population group. Though his aspirations are largely healthcare-centric, Patric understands that hospitals are invariably tied to the business world. He hopes to gain a better understanding of how institutions of healthcare generate income and enact policies that ultimately affect patient experience. With this deeper level of understanding, Patric plans to make a positive impact in the field of healthcare not only through direct patient care but also through hospital policies.


In his free time, Patric enjoys exploring the outdoors, reviewing different boba flavors, and curating his hit Spotify playlist "Fresh Morning Flow." Amidst the pandemic, Patric has had more time to himself and began learning the guitar. Quarantine has given him perspective and helped him realize that one should never take good times with friends and family for granted. Since entering college and joining AKPsi, Patric has met people that he can depend on and truly call his brothers. He looks forward to creating new memories with these people in the next few years and enriching the fraternity as a whole. Patric is grateful for his new-found community and is ever ready to give back to the Nu-Xi chapter.


Paola Sanchez

VP of Finance


Palmdale, CA

Paola is a third year student in Sixth College majoring in International Studies - International Business and minoring in Accounting and Cognitive Science. Having grown up in Southern California, she was always surrounded by her hispanic community, but has appreciated her time in San Diego as she has met many people from diverse backgrounds with unique stories. She believes that there is something to learn from everything and truly values every encounter and experience that she has had in college.


This summer, Paola worked with a non-profit in her hometown that provides opportunities for students in other countries to gain exposure to STEM fields. She worked with students and teachers in Costa Rica and taught them how to use 3-D printers, laser cutters, and how to fly drones. This fall she will be working at her on-campus job and will be applying for winter and summer internships. Her career interests include accounting, marketing, and product management, but is open to exploring other fields. She enjoys critical thinking and analyzing various topics from an international perspective. She hopes to gain knowledge and experience in multiple fields so that in the future she can be a well-rounded individual that can adapt to any task assigned to her.


In her free time, you can find Paola at the beach, playing volleyball, or creating Pinterest boards. She loves plants and nature, and is always in the mood for a good hike. She is very eager to spend time with her brothers this quarter and is looking forward to creating more memories with everyone in Alpha Kappa Psi.

Fiana Yeh

VP of Public Relations & Marketing


Hayward, CA

Fiana Yeh is a third-year student in Muir College studying Business Psychology, minoring in Design and Sociology. Bay Area born and raised, Fiana has always valued the importance of diversity, sense of community, and culture. They are passionate about social equity and giving back to the community that has shaped them. Fiana is also deeply connected to her East Asian heritage, with almost all of their immediate family residing there. Ask them about spending this past summer in Taiwan and holding dual-citizenship!
After dabbling in social media/digital marketing and creative strategy, Fiana has decided that their true professional passions lay in the design field, and is now considering positions in graphic, product, and UI/UX design. They aspire to utilize their creative skills and bridge their academic interests into the design field. She can most likely be found working on building her portfolio through small personal projects. Fiana is also involved in Product Space, where she was previously a Product Design Fellow and is now working as an Internal Development Lead. 
Outside of the professional world, Fiana loves to explore San Diego's views, shops, and food with their AKPsi brothers, driving around listening to their favorite music: house and alt-R&B. Other interests of theirs include thrifting and fashion, Valorant, art museums, tattoos, psychological thrillers, and tarot card reading. Fiana is a firm believer in self-reflection and finds it important to be present, and express gratitude for the meaningful relationships and joys in their life. Joining AKPsi was the best decision they made in college, as it has become a second family for her. They are beyond grateful to be apart of this fraternity.


Xander Lau

VP of Brotherhood


Issaquah, WA

Xander is a third-year in Sixth College studying Business Economics with double minors in Supply Chain and Marketing. Coming from Seattle, he loves the rain but welcomes the sandy beaches of San Diego. Finding a community of passionate individuals who share the same desire to succeed was a major goal of his, and he is proud to say he found the perfect fit in Alpha Kappa Psi.


Professionally, Xander wants to combine his interest in sustainability and fashion by pursuing a career in supply chain management, e-commerce merchandising, or inventory management at a sustainable apparel company. His most recent internship at Amazon consisted of managing a team of 80+ associates as well as implementing a process improvement project to increase operational efficiency. Working at Amazon has allowed him to gain valuable experience in operations management and data analysis, which he plans to build upon as he grows in his career. In the future, Xander is also considering pursuing a Master’s in Supply Chain Management in hopes of gaining a deeper understanding of the field.


In his free time, Xander can often be found playing soccer with his friends, going to the gym, and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. His favorite genre of music is chill rap / RnB, and he always loves to be on aux in the car. Xander has a very go-with-the-flow mentality and believes everything happens for a reason, which makes him very adaptable to whatever obstacle he faces. Joining Alpha Kappa Psi has been the best decision of his college career and he is excited to see what his future holds!


VP of Judicial Affairs

Jonathan Li


Foster City, CA

Jonathan Li is a fifth-year transfer student at Thurgood Marshall College who is majoring in Data Science. He grew up in the Bay Area, California throughout his childhood. For the first 2 years of his college experience, he attended the University of Washington in Seattle. Jonathan owes a lot of his personal development to his time in the Bay and Seattle and hopes to continue meeting more people during his time in San Diego.


His favorite question to be asked during an interview is “why you”? He uses this opportunity to expand on the various aspects of himself that are often overlooked in standard interview questions, such as his compatibility to work in teams as well as his welcoming sense of humor. In the future, Jonathan plans to take on a tech-oriented role where he can build applications to positively impact the world.


In his free time, Jonathan finds joy in improving his credit score, whale watching, and exploring San Diego’s various restaurants. This past summer, he interned at C3 AI as a Solutions Engineer for a second time. He aspires to become a competent engineer; his experiences at C3 have given him insight to how he can actually achieve this feat. Jonathan is grateful for the caring people he’s gotten to meet through Alpha Kappa Psi, and for affirming his decision to transfer schools. Jonathan knows that his college experience wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for his brothers’ support and looks forward to growing with them.

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