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David Shin



Glendale, CA

David is a fourth year studying Cognitive Science with a specialization in Design & Interaction along with a minor in Interdisciplinary Computing and Arts. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he has accustomed himself well to life down south in sunny San Diego. While initially going down the path of economics and law, David realized that his imagination and creative input were most important in chasing a future career, leading him to switch into CogSci Design.

David has always had an appreciation for the look of everyday things, spawning his passion for design. He hopes to explore design through many different disciplines as the years progress whether that be live concert visuals, extended reality, or UI/UX. That is not to say that he limits himself to the field of design, as he is exploring possible careers in food, entrepreneurship, and marketing. His experiences extend from being a marketing intern for an affordable luxury start-up to interning for the San Diego School District in promoting Youth Advocacy. Currently, David works at Qualcomm Institute as a Metaverse Intern where he is leading and developing various projects aimed at fostering innovation within classroom-based virtual learning experiences. Whatever it be, David hopes to instill positive thinking in the environment that he works in.

In his free time, David enjoys going on food crawls, skateboarding, traveling and curating his Spotify playlists. From rock climbing to solving crossword puzzles, he is constantly picking up new hobbies. David strongly holds that spontaneous adventures are the best adventures and has been able to explore that greatly since joining AKPsi.


Jocelyn Horng

VP of Administration


San Jose, CA

Jocelyn Horng is a fourth year Cognitive Science Design and Interaction major. As someone who loves creating art, she was drawn to design when introduced to it in college. Through design organizations on campus, she learned more about UI/UX and Product Design and found it to be a perfect intersection between her creative interests and the technology industry.

When not designing, you can find Jocelyn enjoying music or being active. A classically trained pianist, she continues her musical pursuits through a music minor. She also enjoys concerts and curating Spotify playlists. In addition, she loves hiking, running, drinking coffee, and dog watching.

Jocelyn is very grateful for the supportive and tight-knit community she found at Alpha Kappa Psi. She looks forward to creating more memories with her brothers and growing alongside them.


Anna Le

VP of Alumni Relations


Anaheim, CA

Anna Le is a fourth year Human Biology major with a growing interest in Pharmaceutical studies as well as Business and Administration. She values the importance of self improvement through trial and error. She also finds significance in building meaningful relationships with the people around her, aspiring to make her experience at UC San Diego worthwhile. 


With intentions to pursue a career in the Pre-Health field, Anna is still navigating her designated interests in the specific field. Her interest for a healthcare concentration stems from her experience as a Junior Volunteer at the Fountain Valley Regional Hospital. By dedicating the time to take on shifts every week, she found value and satisfaction in giving back to the community while doing something she loves. Her scope of professionalism was diversified by her first job as a sales support intern at Alliance 360 Insurance Solutions, this position encouraged her to further explore her curiosity for pharmaceutical studies. However, this does not necessarily imply that she is not interested in broadening her horizons to other career paths. She plans to learn more about BioTech or Hospital administration. 


In her free time, Anna often partakes in impulsive trips to the beach and mall alongside her friends through means of relaxation. She often seeks out for solo study sessions at cafe shops and often regrets spending money on overpriced matcha lattes in repercussion. More often than not, she’s driving around San Diego, jamming to her favorite genre of music: Rap and R&B. Joining Alpha Kappa Psi as a pre-health focused individual, she understood the values of community and professional development. Nothing compares to the invaluable experience and knowledge the organization has presented her. She is truly thankful for the opportunity to call herself a brother alongside these amazing individuals.


Quennie Zeng

VP of Business Development


Monterey Park, CA

Quennie Zeng is a fourth-year from Marshall college majoring in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Data Science. Growing up in the San Gabriel Valley, Quennie has always found herself surrounded by others with similar backgrounds and mindsets and thus has made it a point to learn more outside of her community and gain new experiences. She values the importance of self-growth through being put into uncomfortable and new situations. Not only is self-growth important, but Quennie believes self-reflection is equally as important, where one should take the time to take a step back and reassess one’s actions, growth, and differences.

With an interest in going into data analytics, Quennie hopes to use the skills she gains from her studies to be able to make quantifiable data qualifiable. She hopes to use these abilities in her professional endeavors and tie them in with her goal of helping others. Quennie has always found it rewarding in helping others, where she has worked in multiple organizations such as Masked Heroes Initiative and the Marcus Harris Foundation. In these organizations, Quennie was able to give back to the community while gaining experiences in how to communicate, audit, and organize within these branches. Not only did she enjoy being able to make a difference, but she also found passion in it. Quennie plans on exploring data science, data engineering and other fields where she can use data analysis in the future.

Outside of the professional world, she likes to relax and spend time with her friends. She enjoys driving around San Diego, trying new food spots, and going thrifting. When Quennie is not out, you can catch her spending an absurd amount of time creating playlists on Spotify or watching the latest animes and dramas. By joining Alpha Kappa Psi, Quennie has been able to develop her professional skills and also gained clarity in the career paths she can pursue. She met others who had the same drive as her and encouraged her to do more. Quennie does not know what she would have done without her brothers and is thankful for them.


David Kim

VP of Finance


Irvine, CA

David is a fourth year in Marshall college studying economics. Having experienced a wide variety of team oriented environments professionally and athletically, David is a strong advocate for valuing the present and its consequential pace of adaptation. He has always found that the best relationships are the ones derived from initiative and pursuit of a common aspiration, which is why harboring and growing communities is a constant priority in his life.


In regard to his career, David intends to apply his logical and first principles perspective in the finance field. Discovering opportunities in both people and its subsequent different structures has allowed for a curiosity that aligns appropriately with the goals of the financial sector. An internship in wealth management allowed for his evolution in perspective to realize that a career in finance and the aid of individuals are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Additionally, having experienced the ins and outs of business operations growing up with a family strongly involved in many different companies in Korea, David enjoys pursuing the freedom, curiosity, and self discipline that an entrepreneur needs to achieve success. He plans on opening his own Korean restaurant in the future that revolves around different combinations of charcoal, flame intensity, and spices.


In his free time, David enjoys playing chess, listening to audiobooks and podcasts, and mentoring young adults on how to pursue their personal goals. He also enjoys spending time with his immediate family and friends, sharing his passion for the culinary arts. David also loves giving back to communities by participating in research projects such as antibiotic resistance and donating blood on a consistent basis.


Vaibhav Bommisetty

VP of Public Relations & Marketing


Brookings, SD

Vaibhav is a third-year Data Science student at UC San Diego. Raised in South Dakota, Vaibhav was forced to slow down and appreciate the little details of life. His propensity to examine the world around him captivated his interest in statistics and data science.

Data Science has been Vaibhav's main interest ever since his research internship at the center of Chemistry at the Space-Time Limit, where he created algorithms to query and analyze data. Vaibhav plans to use his Data Science abilities after graduation to work as a consultant. He hopes that his consulting profession would lead him in a direction that will allow him to travel the world and pursue his interests.

In his free time, Vaibhav loves to go on food runs, whether that be getting tacos at 1 AM, getting coffee at 6 AM. Recently, Vaibhav has taken an interest in watching movies directed by Quentin Tarantino and Denis Villeneuve. While in La Jolla, Vaibhav hopes to spend more late nights at the beach, enjoying the serene aura.


Akshat Jain (AJ)

VP of Brotherhood


Sunnyvale, CA

AJ is a third year Computer Science major with a primary interest in software engineering, but also hopes to explore technical consulting in the future. He was born and raised in India until the age of 8, around when he moved to the Bay Area, California. He considers himself to be a very self-aware and thoughtful person, actively seeking ways to improve himself as a person. Above anything, he believes that a defining aspect of college life, and even adult life, is forming strong connections with people.


After taking a computer science course in his sophomore year of high school, and through inspiration from his father, a software engineer himself, AJ determined that he would pursue software engineering. This summer, he interned at Glean, a SaaS company that produces an AI powered workspace, developing software that works in conjunction with ChatGPT. He is also currently a front end developer for CAIDA, as a part of the research experience for undergraduates. In the future, he hopes to stay flexible with his career, exploring different positions until he finds one that is not only exciting, but allows him to see the impact he is making.


Aside from his professional side, AJ loves spending quality time with his friends and brothers from Alpha Kappa Psi. This quality time can be, but is not limited to, hitting an intense chest day, going on late night drives, exploring new food or coffee places in San Diego, or studying hard at Geisel Library. He also has a strong curiosity for things, and you can always find him learning about something new, whether it be a new genre of music, a different gym split, or a new type of coffee.


AJ is beyond grateful to have joined Alpha Kappa Psi, as it has not only allowed him to grow professionally, but find an amazing community of people with whom he has already formed bonds that will last a lifetime.


VP of Judicial Affairs

Erin Lee


Los Angeles, CA

Erin Lee! She’s a fourth-year majoring in International Studies - Political Science with an interest in Cognitive Science and Business Entrepreneurship. Whether it be a stimulating debate or a deep heart-to-heart, Erin values meaningful and thoughtful interactions. She hopes that, with every encounter, she will learn something new, and strives to leave an impactful impression on the people around her.

Initially pursuing a career in law, Erin immersed herself in the field’s various concentrations. Through her internship at the San Diego Superior Court, she was exposed to different types of legal professions and found value in serving the greater San Diego community. Erin now plans on making the switch into consulting, and has already amassed invaluable experience in M&A through her time at West Monroe Partners. The choices are limitless and Erin wants to explore all that she can before making a final decision.

In her free time, Erin enjoys playing and watching soccer, watching movies, and bowling. These days, she has been spending most of her time with her brothers. Through Alpha Kappa Psi, Erin has received so much love and support in both her professional and personal growth. All of her best memories have been with her brothers, and she can’t wait to make more throughout her last year of college.

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