Claire Sung.png

Claire Sung


Diamond Bar, CA

Claire is currently a senior studying Economics at UC San Diego with minors in Supply Chain and Cognitive Science. Having spent most of her summers growing up in Taiwan where her family is from, she treasures her time abroad with family and heavily believes in the importance of giving back to the people that care about you.  


In terms of her career, Claire has an interest in the retail industry and is interested in the merchandising/planning field. With the connections and skills she's learned from AKP, Claire was able to intern with Southern California Edison in the summer of 2019 and Nike this past summer. At Southern California Edison, she interned as a Supply Chain Intern where she worked on projects to improve supplier onboarding processes and analyze tiers of spend. This past summer, Claire joined the Procurement team at Nike where she worked on enabling a chatbot to help guide internal buying processes. Postgrad, she is hoping to land a role in merchandising or consumer insights in New York.  


In her free time, Claire enjoys buying overpriced coffee, sneaker shopping, thrifting, traveling, reading, and watching movies. Her favorite quote is "to the evolution of your attitudes" and it reminds her to welcome and expect change. Since entering college and finding her community within AKP, she's been lucky and grateful to have the support system that is the Nu Xi chapter to encourage and motivate her through any and all changes.

Joanne Chau.png

Joanne Chau

VP of Membership

Rosemead, CA

Joanne is a third-year from Sixth College studying Molecular and Cell Biology with a minor in business. In the future, she hopes to merge her interests in medical research and project management to work at a biotechnology company. Joanne's passion resides in helping others, and through research, she hopes to make even the smallest contribution towards a big discovery of a cure to life-threatening diseases. She believes in the strong potential that clinical research has in the future of improving healthcare and she holds a strong ambition to learn about the depths of it.


In her free time, she enjoys going on food runs with friends, playing volleyball, and watching the sunset. Being from the 626 and not having many opportunities to travel to the beach, she likes to spend her sunny days along the shores of San Diego. Due to the pandemic, she is realizing how much she enjoys being surrounded by people. Because of AKPsi, Joanne has learned to not take time for granted and to value the time spent creating bonds with her amazing and hardworking brothers.


Kyra-Mariae Toves

VP of Administration

Long Beach, CA

Kyra-Mariae is a second-year from Revelle College pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology. Prior to university, Kyra attended a different school each year, allowing her to become highly adaptable and reinvent her frame of mind. She graduated with two diplomas as an International Baccalaureate candidate and was at the top of her class. Her summers were normally spent in a library reading comics and books with compelling reports. A notable favorite was ‘The Innovator’s Mindset’ by George Couros. Her copy of the book, given to her by her History teacher, is encompassed by her annotations that suggest an inviolable power in acknowledging the potential of one’s abilities and valuing all experiences. Through her on-going process of cultivating a growth mindset, she persists against daunting challenges and strives to encourage the same in others.


It has been a long-time dream for Kyra-Mariae to take part in a career that involves helping and serving others. Her vocation to work in Healthcare Administration serves her passion to make a real difference in improving the quality of care for hospitals and clinics. Each day brings a new challenge for Healthcare Administrators considering public legislation and technological development. Nevertheless, Kyra actively seeks new opportunities to contest her abilities and discover new avenues for improvement. Despite the brevity of her time with Alpha Kappa Psi, the admirable tenacity of its members had a lasting impact on her. The authenticity of unwavering support from her brothers through her tribulations was the key to persevere through adversities.


Full of passion for learning, Kyra-Mariae seeks to expand her knowledge of other subjects in art and science. As a fan of all trades, Kyra appreciates coming across new styles and techniques in filmography and creating strawberry-based desserts. She spends time critiquing movies through Letterboxd or studying new concepts in molecular gastronomy when her schedule says she’s available. Her interests also traverse through watching baseball and playing volleyball inelegantly. The only thing Kyra is not a fan of is playing zombie videogames alone.

JJ Kao.png

Jacqueline Kao

VP of Alumni Relations

San Mateo, CA

Jacqueline is a third-year majoring in Communication and double minoring in Design and Business. Having a concentration in Marketing with over five years of experience working in the field, she enjoys learning about the latest marketing trends and innovations that further the digital atmosphere within businesses. In addition to recently taking on the position of VP of Events at The Women’s Network, this past school year and summer she has interned for beauty company JUNO & Co. as a Marketing and Product Development Intern and experiential marketing/integrated marketing agency, NVE Experience Agency (TheFutureParty) as a Digital Experiential Marketing Intern. Having an interest in marketing and entrepreneurship, she hopes to pursue a position in the marketing/digital marketing and innovation field.


With having a love for reading, Jacqueline is also an avid book reader about everything related to personal development and self-care with her favorite book being James Clear’s “The Power of Habit.” In her free time, she enjoys journaling, creating Spotify playlists and connecting with others who have a passion for business, marketing and entrepreneurship.


Jonathan Li

VP of Business Development

Foster City, CA

Jonathan Li is a third-year transfer student at Thurgood Marshall College who is majoring in Data Science. He grew up in the Bay Area, California throughout his childhood. For the first 2 years of his college experience, he attended the University of Washington in Seattle. Jonathan owes a lot of his personal development to his time in the Bay and Seattle and hopes to continue meeting more people during his time in San Diego.


His favorite question to be asked during an interview is “why you”? He uses this opportunity to expand on the various aspects of himself that are often overlooked in standard interview questions, such as his compatibility to work in teams as well as his welcoming sense of humor. This summer, Jonathan is taking on a consulting internship at Statefarm where he plans to apply his problem-solving and analytical skills to tackle real-world problems. In the future, Jonathan plans to transition to a more data science-oriented role where he can extract meaning from complex data and share that knowledge to positively impact the world.


In his free time, Jonathan finds joy in hiking, watching the stock market do somersaults, and exploring San Diego’s various restaurants. This past summer, he was fortunate enough to climb the Half-Dome in Yosemite National Park, one of the most accomplishing bucket-list items he was able to cross off. Jonathan is grateful for the caring people he’s gotten to meet through Alpha Kappa Psi, and for affirming his decision to transfer schools as the correct one. Jonathan knows that his college experience wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for his brothers’ support and looks forward to seeing them in person.

Michelle Nguyen.png

Michelle Nguyen

VP of Public Relations & Marketing

San Jose, CA

Michelle is an upcoming third-year in ERC who is majoring in Speculative Design and double minoring in Business and Design. Growing up as the oldest of all her siblings, she has learned the values of being empathetic and compassionate, giving back to the community, and speaking up for those who are unable to do so for themselves. One of her core values is being genuine and true to herself as it allows her to build and create meaningful connections and relationships with those around her.


With a passion for graphic design and brand identity, she hopes to incorporate her interests and skills into her work, preferably in the entertainment industry, because she of her love of storytelling and making people smile. She is also very passionate about the influences that design can have in media and technology. Michelle has always been interested in the entertainment industry, constantly immersing herself in acting, musical theatre, and directing having had the opportunity to assistant direct productions and work with different aspects in media. It is definitely rewarding to see the impact that her work can have on others in her community. Further down the line, she hopes to work on marketing campaigns and design creative materials for all forms of media and entertainment.


In her free time, Michelle likes to explore new cafés and food hotspots, going to the beach, and binging all the latest TV shows and movies! She’s always looking to try something new and fun and loves getting recommendations from her brothers. Through Alpha Kappa Psi, Michelle has found a community of brothers that continuously support and encourage her in both professional and personal growth.

Isac Lee.png

Isac Lee

VP of Finance

Los Angeles, CA

Isac is a 4th-year from Eleanor Roosevelt College studying Data Science. With data science, he hopes to work with businesses that are involved with renewable energy or space exploration.


In his free time, Isac enjoys keeping up with the English Premier League, watching movies, reading, and connecting with his AKPsi brothers through game-night zoom calls.

Ishaan Shrivastav.png

Ishaan Shrivastav

VP of Brotherhood

Redlands, CA

Ishaan is a rising third-year and part of Warren College who is majoring in Computer Science. He grew up in Redlands, California, throughout his whole childhood and went to Redlands High School. As someone who has stayed around the same people his whole life, brotherhood and loyalty are extremely pertinent values that he holds. Additionally, his family has been extremely insistent on the importance of giving back to the community and that is something that drives his future goals.


Career-wise, Ishaan would like to join a company as a software engineer to learn the ins and outs of running a large business. He would then love to create or join a startup to build something for himself. Currently, he is applying to internships and working on personal projects to boost his overall knowledge of the ever-growing field. Down the road, Ishaan would like to use his knowledge and experience to create a nonprofit that would help children in India have access to better education. For him, giving back to the community he came from is a large life goal.


During his free time, Ishaan loves playing the guitar to classical and pop music and dabbling in video games. He is also a member of Phi Delta Theta and spends time with brothers from both fraternities. Since middle school, Ishaan has played tennis and is a huge fan of Roger Federer. He also follows the Denver Broncos and the Los Angeles Lakers closely. Overall, Ishaan greatly appreciates the support of his brothers in Alpha Kappa Psi and is excited to give back to the organization as best he can.