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David Shin



Glendale, CA

David is a third year studying Cognitive Science with a specialization in Design & Interaction along with a minor in Interdisciplinary Computing and Arts. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he has accustomed himself well to life down south in sunny San Diego. While initially going down the path of economics and law, David realized that his imagination and creative input were most important in chasing a future career, leading him to switch into CogSci Design.


David has always had an appreciation for the look of everyday things, spawning his passion for design. He hopes to explore design through many different disciplines as the years progress whether that be concert graphics, set design, or UI/UX. That is not to say that David limits himself to the field of design, as he is exploring possible careers in food, entrepreneurship, and marketing. His experiences extend from working at his hometown City Hall to being a marketing intern for an affordable luxury start-up. Whatever it be, David hopes to instill positive thinking in the environment that he works in.


In his free time, David enjoys going on food crawls, skateboarding, Zumba, and curating his Spotify playlists. From rock climbing to solving crossword puzzles, he is constantly picking up new hobbies. David strongly holds that spontaneous adventures are the best adventures and has been able to explore that greatly since joining AKPsi.


Michael Chan

VP of Membership


San Francisco, CA

Michael Chan is a third-year Business Economics major hoping to declare an Accounting or Computer Science minor. Born and raised in San Francisco, he committed to UCSD in search of a new environment and unique experiences in Southern California. Michael values trying new things and stepping outside of his comfort zone. Furthermore, he strongly believes in self-improvement and strives to become closer to the best version of himself every day.


Professionally, Michael currently plans on starting a career in either audit or advisory. Although not set in stone, his internship experience at KPMG gave him new exciting insight into what a journey may look like in public accounting. Additionally, Michael has always been interested in tech and software engineering. One of his biggest regrets is not attempting to pursue this path. Consequently, he intends to enroll in computer science courses to explore this curiosity and potential career path.


In his free time, Michael enjoys discovering new restaurants, exploring thrift stores, playing basketball, and working out. His favorite genre of music is EDM, where he frequently attends concerts and performances. One of Michael’s passions is League of Legends, where he is one of the coaches for the UCSD Varsity League of Legends Esports Team. His passion for League of Legends stemmed from many hours of competing at the highest level during the pandemic, frequently against professional players. Since joining Alpha Kappa Psi, Michael is grateful for the experiences he has shared with his brothers and is looking forward to creating new memories this year.


Christen Xie

VP of Administration


Albany, CA

Christen Xie is a second year Computer Engineering major! Having worked through a multitude of teams ranging from sports to academia, Christen highly values teamwork and collaboration. He loves nothing more than succeeding with a team that he has bonded with tightly.


Professionally, Christen is looking to apply his interest in math to the real world. Specifically, he is very interested in computer engineering. He really enjoys studying the intricacies of math and would love to use them to make the world a better place. In addition, having volunteered for the Materials Virtual Lab along with participating in a few research projects, Christen has developed an appreciation for problem solving. Furthermore, his passion for Computer science has led him to Triton Software Engineering, where he has been working with a variety of frontend and backend technologies to develop and deploy a mobile application. He has also been working on an automation bot that fills out surveys for his favorite fast food restaurants, such as McDonalds and Panda Express for free food. He is inspired by the power of science and hopes to create a positive impact going forward.


In his free time, Christen loves watching all types video documentaries to learn about unique stories around the world. As a former barista, he is a dedicated fan of making coffee and exploring cafes. He also be found playing a variety of sports, ranging from basketball to rowing and everything in between. He believes everything is made better with a some indie pop or simp music. While Christen may not be studying business, Alpha Kappa Psi has still given him a lot. He could not have found the knowledge and professional development found in the fraternity anywhere else. He is thankful for all the memories and growth that Alpha Kappa Psi has presented him.


Anna Le

VP of Alumni Relations


Anaheim, CA

Anna Le is a third year Human Biology major with a growing interest in Pharmaceutical studies as well as Business and Administration. She values the importance of self improvement through trial and error. She also finds significance in building meaningful relationships with the people around her, aspiring to make her experience at UC San Diego worthwhile. 


With intentions to pursue a career in the Pre-Health field, Anna is still navigating her designated interests in the specific field. Her interest for a healthcare concentration stems from her experience as a Junior Volunteer at the Fountain Valley Regional Hospital. By dedicating the time to take on shifts every week, she found value and satisfaction in giving back to the community while doing something she loves. Her scope of professionalism was diversified by her first job as a sales support intern at Alliance 360 Insurance Solutions, this position encouraged her to further explore her curiosity for pharmaceutical studies. However, this does not necessarily imply that she is not interested in broadening her horizons to other career paths. She plans to learn more about BioTech or Hospital administration. 


In her free time, Anna often partakes in impulsive trips to the beach and mall alongside her friends through means of relaxation. She often seeks out for solo study sessions at cafe shops and often regrets spending money on overpriced matcha lattes in repercussion. More often than not, she’s driving around San Diego, jamming to her favorite genre of music: Rap and R&B. Joining Alpha Kappa Psi as a pre-health focused individual, she understood the values of community and professional development. Nothing compares to the invaluable experience and knowledge the organization has presented her. She is truly thankful for the opportunity to call herself a brother alongside these amazing individuals.

Quennie Zeng

VP of Business Development


Monterey Park, CA

Quennie Zeng is a third-year from Marshall college majoring in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Data Science. Growing up in the San Gabriel Valley, Quennie has always found herself surrounded by others with similar backgrounds and mindsets and thus has made it a point to learn more outside of her community and gain new experiences. She values the importance of self-growth through being put into uncomfortable and new situations. Not only is self-growth important, but Quennie believes self-reflection is equally as important, where one should take the time to take a step back and reassess one’s actions, growth, and differences.


With an interest in going into data analytics, Quennie hopes to use the skills she gains from her studies to be able to make quantifiable data qualifiable. She hopes to use these abilities in her professional endeavors and tie them in with her goal of helping others. Quennie has always found it rewarding in helping others, where she has worked in multiple organizations such as Masked Heroes Initiative and the Marcus Harris Foundation. In these organizations, Quennie was able to give back to the community while gaining experiences in how to communicate, audit, and organize within these branches. Not only did she enjoy being able to make a difference, but she also found passion in it. Quennie plans on exploring consulting and other fields where she can use data analysis in the future.


Outside of the professional world, she likes to relax and spend time with her friends. She enjoys driving around San Diego, trying new food spots, and going thrifting. When Quennie is not out, you can catch her spending an absurd amount of time on Spotify listening to and looking for new music or watching the latest animes and dramas. By joining Alpha Kappa Psi, Quennie has been able to develop her professional skills and also gained clarity in the career paths she can pursue. She met others who had the same drive as her and encouraged her to do more. Quennie does not know what she would have done without her brothers and is thankful for them.


David Kim

VP of Finance


Irvine, CA

David is a fourth year in Marshall college studying economics. Having experienced a wide variety of team oriented environments professionally and athletically, David is a strong advocate for valuing the present and its consequential pace of adaptation. He has always found that the best relationships are the ones derived from initiative and pursuit of a common aspiration, which is why harboring and growing communities is a constant priority in his life.


In regard to his career, David intends to apply his logical and first principles perspective in the finance field. Discovering opportunities in both people and its subsequent different structures has allowed for a curiosity that aligns appropriately with the goals of the financial sector. An internship in wealth management allowed for his evolution in perspective to realize that a career in finance and the aid of individuals are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Additionally, having experienced the ins and outs of business operations growing up with a family strongly involved in many different companies in Korea, David enjoys pursuing the freedom, curiosity, and self discipline that an entrepreneur needs to achieve success. He plans on opening his own Korean restaurant in the future that revolves around different combinations of charcoal, flame intensity, and spices.


In his free time, David enjoys playing chess, listening to audiobooks and podcasts, and mentoring young adults on how to pursue their personal goals. He also enjoys spending time with his immediate family and friends, sharing his passion for the culinary arts. David also loves giving back to communities by participating in research projects such as antibiotic resistance and donating blood on a consistent basis.

Vaibhav Bommisetty

VP of Public Relations & Marketing


Brookings, SD

Vaibhav is a second year Data Science student at UC San Diego. Raised in South Dakota, Vaibhav was forced to slow down and appreciate the little details of life. His propensity to examine the world around him captivated his interest in statistics and data science.


Data Science has been Vaibhav's main interest ever since his internship at the center of Chemistry at the Space-Time Limit, where he created algorithms to analyze raw spectra data. Vaibhav plans to use his Data Science abilities after graduation to work as a consultant. He hopes that his consulting profession would lead him in a direction that will allow him to travel the world and pursue his interests.


In his free time, Vaibhav loves to go on food runs, whether that be getting Canes at 2 AM or getting boba at 10 AM. Recently, Vaibhav has taken an interest in watching movies directed by Quentin Tarantino and Denis Villeneuve. While in La Jolla, Vaibhav hopes to spend more late nights at the beach, enjoying the serene aura.


Megan Leong

VP of Brotherhood


San Jose, CA

Megan is currently a second-year in Sixth College majoring in Mathematics-Computer Science. Holding empathy, compassion, and understanding as some of her core values, she aims to help others whenever possible, regardless of how minuscule it may seem in the moment. She believes that there is always more you can learn from others and especially appreciates hearing about others’ life stories and how they have come to be the person they are today. Megan plans to pursue a career in Software Engineering because of how it intertwines problem-solving and creativity to build solutions that can make someone else’s life at least a little easier.


Megan strives to cultivate meaningful relationships, live life in the moment, and make memories that she will cherish forever. Some of her favorite random things in life are conversations with Trader Joe’s cashiers, the author dedication at the beginning of books, Gracie Abrams, and the quote “shattered glass glitters”. In her personal time, she can often be found immersed in a book, curating Spotify playlists, or chasing sunsets, but amongst all else, her favorite times of the day are when she’s with her brothers. Whether it’s screaming songs outside the sunroof of her car, running around the beach at 3 am, talking for hours on end about simultaneously everything and nothing, or simply sitting in the comfort of each other’s silence as they pull an all nighter at Geisel, she knows she’ll be having a blast with her brothers. She often considers AKPsi to not only be her second home but also a safe place to find comfort and stability in when the rest of her life gets rocky. Megan is beyond excited to continue making memories with this family of driven and compassionate individuals and knows that no matter what life throws at her, it’ll be okay as long as she has these people by her side.


VP of Judicial Affairs

Kyle Yun


San Jose, CA

Kyle is a fourth-year transfer from UCSC studying Public Health concentrating in Health Management and Policy. A Bay Area native, Kyle had the privilege to grow up with a family that taught him the values of hard work, kindness, and giving back to his community. Striving to make his family proud, Kyle makes his best efforts to leave a positive impact on others and living life to its fullest, doing what excites.


Professionally, healthcare has always been one of Kyle's biggest passions. This past summer Kyle had the privilege to intern at Hologic as a health integration and automation marketing intern. Kyle understands that healthcare is directly tied into the business world and is something that is constantly being changed and innovated with different policies and new technology everyday, but at the same time is something that still isn't accessible nor affordable to many different populations. Knowing this, he hopes to utilize his knowledge in the future through healthcare reform, consulting, tech, and other creative outlets in order to make a positive change in our current healthcare system.


In his free time, Kyle enjoys being active by going to the gym and often playing sports such as soccer, basketball, and golf with his fellow brothers. You can often find him wearing AirPods listening to a wide variety of music ranging from Kpop to EDM or looking at last nights box scores and shopping on Grailed. He loves reading manga and watching anime and has also recently picked up DJing!


Although being a transfer, Kyle feels right at home with his brothers in the Nu Xi chapter and is excited to make even more memories in his last year of college.

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