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Val Chen



San Jose, CA

Val Chen is a third year transfer majoring in Business Economics and minoring in design. Growing up amidst the cultural mosaic of the Bay Area, Val developed a profound appreciation for the richness of varying cultures and identities. Through this constant exposure to diversity, he developed a deep love for interacting with people and hopes that with every interaction, he leaves a positive and lasting impact on those around him.


Val spent much of his youth indulging in various hobbies and interests such as piano, watercolor, and even Taekwondo. A decade later, his plurality translated to his career interests where he found passion across the fields of Business, Design, and Computer Science. Although his interests seem diverse, Val discovered a point of intersection within Product Management. The multifaceted role provides a way for him to connect his triangle of professional interests as well as exercise his love for human interaction. Further down the line, Val wishes to use his Product Management experience as guidance to follow in his parents’ footsteps of entrepreneurship.


Beyond his professional endeavors, Val spends his free time clearing out his childhood bucket list by beating Minecraft on hardcore, binge watching Naruto and more recently, completing the National Living Pokédex. When he isn’t seeking justice for his youth, you can find him getting food with friends, thrifting in OC, taking cute pictures on his digicam, or exploring Spotify for new music to add to his multitude of playlists — one for every mood or setting.


Alpha Kappa Psi has offered Val a broadened perspective on both the professional and social aspects of his life. He deeply appreciates the camaraderie he found within the fraternity and eagerly anticipates the opportunity to embark on future adventures with his brothers, including another bucket list item of visiting Legoland one day.

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