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Raynald Gozali



Jakarta, Indonesia

Raynald Gozali is a third year Chemical Engineering major with a minor in Finance at John Muir College. Coming from a long line of business oriented family, the mindset of an entrepreneur was instilled to him from a very young age. Even though he is an engineering student, he's pursuing a career as an entrepreneur, while having large interests in real estate, technology and finance. Raynald grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia and he decided to study in the US to explore new opportunities and cultures to bring back to his home country.

Eight years ago, Raynald volunteered to teach at a school for the financially unfortunate. There, he found his passion in teaching and started to routinely teach at various institutions in Jakarta up until his departure to the US. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Raynald saw that many struggled to keep up with their education and saw the opportunity to start his own tutoring service company, Star Generation. Using his passion in education, Raynald was able to build a name for his company, focusing on increasing the overall quality of education in Indonesia. After being mentored by his father, Raynald was able to gain important knowledge in real estate and investing. After understanding the importance of investments, Raynald is committed to expanding his portfolio in real estate and marketable securities. Being open to any business opportunities, Raynald has invested in several business ventures. Coming into UCSD, Raynald is disheartened by the social stigma of UCSD being "socially dead." Determined to changed this, he joined his latest business venture, UCSD Party Central, where they provide and promote social events within UCSD to boost its social life. In the future, Raynald plans to start a holding company that will own and manage all his businesses.

In his free time, you will often see Raynald playing pool at UCSD's Price Center Gameroom. When he is not playing pool, he is either playing basketball, poker, going out with friends or relaxing at home. However, his biggest passion is food. Even if it doesn't look like it, Raynald is a huge foodie, going by his life motto "I live to eat, not eat to live." He loves foods with powerful flavours and would often travel the world to go on culinary adventures, trying out exotic foods and cuisines. As an international student far away from home, Raynald is grateful to have found a family with Alpha Kappa Psi, whether it be late night spontaneous munchies run or driving around San Diego while singing on the top of our lungs. He is truly grateful for all the experience and knowledge he learned from Alpha Kappa Psi.

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