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Pearl Supapisal



Temecula, CA

Pearl Supapisal is an incoming 3rd-year transfer studying Business Psychology with a minor in Marketing. She is interested in why things work and the actions that happen within the business world leading to her ultimate major choice. Pearl’s parents own two Thai restaurants in Riverside and Temecula which she plans to take over one day and make a franchise out of. She looks up to her parents because of their great work ethic, her mom owning two restaurants and pursuing a career in law, and father, who dropped out of college to forge his own path in entrepreneurship. From a young age, Pearl was taught the importance of communication, not only in the business world, but in her own life. A quote she lives by from her father is “Without communication, translation gets lost and fire appears.” 

Professionally, Pearl recently interned as a Social Media Lead for UC Riverside’s athletic teams. She created posts, made captions, and learned how to take live photos on the field, and in doing this, she discovered her passion for capturing moments. Pearl believes that memories can be relived through pictures and capturing those amazing memories for people is her passion. 


In her personal life, Pearl likes to go to concerts, hike, dance, and make memories. She’s always on the go and loves to be active and do things, whether physical or mental. Her favorite explorations have been with her best friends. Pearl is an adventurous person and is so excited to become closer with all the brothers of the Nu Xi chapter. 

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