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Krystal Nguyen



Garden Grove, CA

Krystal Nguyen is from Garden Grove, California. She loves her hometown because of the delicious food. Currently, she is a second-year student and is studying Business Economics. She enjoys cooking, being outdoors, and watching the sunset in her free time.


Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Krystal is naturally interested in creating her own business one day. In the future, she also hopes to find a minor that she enjoys. Because of that, she loves going on new adventures to find her passion.


One fun fact about her is that she owns three dogs. Krystal decided to come out and rush Alpha Kappa Psi to meet new people and learn new skills. As a result, she has accomplished much with her aspirations and has created memorable moments. She is thankful for such memories due to her brothers she stands beside in the organization.

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