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Khushal Bhanderi



Danville, CA

Khushal Bhanderi! He’s a third-year Business Economics student, double minoring in Finance and Accounting. During every interaction, Khushal is always excited to learn something new and leave a meaningful and positive impact on the people around him. 

Having interned at marketing and real estate media companies early in high school, Khushal knew he wanted to enter the field of business and entrepreneurship, particularly those related to real estate and technology. Despite his appreciation for these industries, Khushal is still considering careers in consulting and finance. After graduating, Khushal hopes to one day build his own company and eventually settle down in New York City. Eventually, Khushal wants to enter the sphere of public service as a politician on the state level. At some point, Khushal plans to dedicate most of his time to philanthropy focused on providing people will more access to education. 

In his free time, Khushal enjoys snowboarding at Palisades in Lake Tahoe, watching classic indie and arthouse films, and spending time surfing with his friends at Black’s Beach. Since joining Alpha Kappa Psi, Khushal has found himself spending time with his fellow brothers who always encourage him to be the best version of himself, and he can’t wait for his next year with them at UCSD!

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