Kelly Luo



Fremont, CA

Kelly is an incoming third-year transfer in ERC majoring in international business with a focus on accounting. Her college journey started at UC Riverside, where she would ultimately rush Alpha Kappa Psi’s Rho Phi chapter. After making amazing connections, she hoped to continue her journey within the fraternity at UCSD and reached out to join the Nu Xi chapter.


Kelly grew up in China, where she would eventually emigrate to the Bay Area at a young age. The experience of living internationally and visiting countries like South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand were all motivating factors towards her degree choice in international business. Kelly is fascinated by how different cultures shape the world of business and hopes to gain further knowledge throughout her time here at UCSD.


In her free time, you can catch Kelly at the gym or listening to EDM, K-Pop, and R&B. Kelly is an avid foodie and is always trying to find the best local restaurants with her brothers and friends. If you have any recommendations, be sure to hit her up at rush!