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Julia Ma



San Diego, CA

Julia is a third-year student with a Business Economics major and Data Science minor at UC San Diego. Being born and raised in San Diego, Julia appreciates the mood-boosting sunshine and the strong bonds she has with her family and friends. She holds a self-improvement mindset that is driven by risk-taking and hard work. She also values community and is grateful to Alpha Kappa Psi for giving her a second family and fostering her mental, social, and professional growth.

Professionally, Julia is looking for roles that can combine both Economics and Data Science, such as Business Analytics and Data Analytics. After taking an introductory Data Science course in her freshmen year, she discovered a new-found interest in coding and using statistical analysis to solve practical challenges and problems. She has honed her Data Analytical skill set by working as a Customer Operations Analyst at Paint the Town, a small but growing Paint & Sip event company. As a Customer Operations Analyst, Julia examines customer data to identify lower-performing cities and improve win rates. With that said, she is still broadening her horizons and is open to exploring different career paths within the business and tech industry.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Julia finds joy in fitness, indulging in skincare, and catching up with the latest animes and K-Dramas. She is interested in expanding her artistic hobbies and has currently taken on crocheting and painting to express her creative side. With friends, she appreciates going on spontaneous late-night food runs to TEG, group studying in Geisel, and attending festivals together to create cherished memories. Becoming a part of Alpha Kappa Psi has provided Julia with the precious opportunity to connect and learn from a dynamic group of individuals spanning diverse backgrounds and fields. She is excited to continue her college journey alongside her newfound brothers.

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