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Jonathan Li



Foster City, CA

Jonathan Li is a fifth-year transfer student at Thurgood Marshall College who is majoring in Data Science. He grew up in the Bay Area, California throughout his childhood. For the first 2 years of his college experience, he attended the University of Washington in Seattle. Jonathan owes a lot of his personal development to his time in the Bay and Seattle and hopes to continue meeting more people during his time in San Diego.


His favorite question to be asked during an interview is “why you”? He uses this opportunity to expand on the various aspects of himself that are often overlooked in standard interview questions, such as his compatibility to work in teams as well as his welcoming sense of humor. In the future, Jonathan plans to take on a tech-oriented role where he can build applications to positively impact the world.


In his free time, Jonathan finds joy in improving his credit score, whale watching, and exploring San Diego’s various restaurants. This past summer, he interned at C3 AI as a Solutions Engineer for a second time. He aspires to become a competent engineer; his experiences at C3 have given him insight to how he can actually achieve this feat. Jonathan is grateful for the caring people he’s gotten to meet through Alpha Kappa Psi, and for affirming his decision to transfer schools. Jonathan knows that his college experience wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for his brothers’ support and looks forward to growing with them.

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