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Eva Luong


Alhambra, CA

Eva is an upcoming second-year in Eleanor Roosevelt College majoring in International Business and minoring in Design. As someone from the 626 area, Eva grew up in an environment that taught her the importance of community. She appreciates both the people whom she grew up with and the people she had just met that shapes her values. Eva is a huge advocate of giving back to others - she cherishes the community she grew up in that allowed her to become the person she is today.


In her professional career, Eva has been on track for a career path within design or product management because of its cross-functionality within the business industry. She has always had an interest in pursuing a career that allows her to explore her own creativity and passions that bring about social change. Upon graduation, Eva plans to lead a product management career that drives social impact to give back to her community.


In her free time, Eva enjoys playing video games, trying out new boba shops, and cooking. She also enjoys bullet journaling and planning on her free time to be productive and motivated for the day. Something that inspires her is a family that gives her the support and motivation needed to work hard in the future. Since moving from the 626 area to the San Diego area, she wanted to surround herself with a support system that she could rely on for the rest of her journey throughout college. Since joining Alpha Kappa Psi, she has found a bond with her brothers that have since fulfilled this role.