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Claire Lee



Cerritos, CA

Claire Lee is a second-year student majoring in Business Psychology with a minor in Technology, Innovation, and Supply Chain. Although unclear of what specific career path to take, she is inclined in pursuing a career in Marketing and Event Planning in the entertainment industry. Claire’s ultimate end goal is to help manage and plan large live events such as festivals and concerts. 


Growing up in Orange County with a single father, Claire spent a lot of her youth putting her personal relationships and friendships as her number one priority. She loves to build meaningful connections with everyone both in the professional and personal world. Claire upholds the values of motivation and support as the foundation of her personal philosophy. She is passionate about inspiring her peers to excel and is always ready to extend a helping hand to her friends in any way. Aside from professional interests, Claire is an avid enthusiast of live music, finding joy and inspiration in the energy of concerts. This love of performance arts not only entertains but also invigorates her, fueling her with fresh ideas and perspectives that she brings into every aspect of her life.


Claire is thankful for the community and professional development AKPsi offers and cherishes every moment she has with her brothers. She is looking forward to making new relations and memories during her time at UCSD. 

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