Yichen Zhu.png

Yichen Zhu


Cerritos, CA

Yichen is an upcoming third-year in Sixth College who is majoring in Joint Math-Economics and minoring in Computer Science. Growing up in Spain, Yichen moved to the United States when he was 15 years old and started his sophomore year in the Los Angeles area. Moving was an extremely hard transition since he had made all had most of his family still in Spain and moved to a country he did not know. It challenged him to learn a new lifestyle and grow into a new person. He learned how to be a strong family figure within his own family and being thankful to his family. He believes that family is important to him, not only blood-related but the one he has made through Alpha Kappa Psi.


Yichen aims to be an Investment Banker. Through his experiences and mentoring, he has learned of the importance each company holds and how valuable each one can be. He also has had experience at IBM, learning about the future of the Cloud and the different approach IBM Watson is taking. He aims to build a career in Investment Banking and further learning about many industries and companies.


Yichen's passions are basketball and soccer, both as a viewer and as a player. He also enjoys playing videogames mainly League of Legends. Some of his favorite books are Zero to One by Peter Thiel and The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, since they influenced him into believing that life is about what you make of the opportunities you are given. Alpha Kappa Psi has given him a community where he can share his goals in life, a family he can talk about any issues in life, and friends he can spend time with and rely on. Yichen has been very grateful for everything his brothers have given him and is looking towards a bright future with them before and after he graduates.