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Xander Lau



Bellevue, WA

Xander is a second-year in Sixth College studying Business Economics with a minor in Supply Chain. Coming from Seattle, he loves the rain but welcomes the sandy beaches of San Diego. Finding a community of passionate individuals who share the same desire to succeed was a major goal of his, and he is proud to say he found the perfect fit in Alpha Kappa Psi.


Professionally, Xander wants to merge his interest in sustainability with a career in supply chain or operations. He currently works as a Merchandising Assistant for UCSD Marshall Design Team to become more involved on campus and gain experience in logistics, e-commerce merchandising, and data analytics. In the future, he wants to keep expanding his skillset and aspires to land a job in the fashion or technology industry.

In his free time, Xander can often be found playing soccer with his friends, taking L’s on the SNKRS app, and losing money in the stock market. His favorite genre of music is chill rap/RnB but also enjoys simp EDM. Xander has a very go-with-the-flow mentality and believes everything happens for a reason, which makes him very adaptable to whatever obstacle he faces. Joining Alpha Kappa Psi has been the best decision of his college career and he is excited to see what his future holds.

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