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Victoria Nguyen



Lakewood, CA

Victoria Nguyen is a second-year Business Psychology major in Sixth College. During her first year, she went through a few changes within her major, such as Real Estate and Business Economics. Ultimately, Victoria believes that Business Psychology is best suited for her as she wants to pursue a career in Real Estate and Entrepreneurship.

As Victoria began to mature, she knew immediately that she wanted to become her own boss and saw herself working in the business field. Younger, she moved around houses from time to time, which led her to many open houses, in which opened her eyes to world of Real Estate, showcasing houses to new families. Adding on, Victoria loves the idea of having her own business and becoming an entrepreneur that revolve around her hobbies such as cooking and power lifting.

In her free time, Victoria likes to eat out and make different Spotify playlists for her different moods. Additionally, she loves to power lift as she feels the most confident and strong when doing so. Victoria also has an unhealthy addiction with drinking Diet Coke and playing Cupcake 2048 on the daily.

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