Trish Lam.png

Trish Lam


Baldwin Park, CA

Trish is currently a third-year Computer Science major from Sixth College. She strives for an ever-growing mindset and an ever-changing lifestyle. She has always found each and every subject to be fascinating and thus struggles to realize what her one true passion is. In order to fulfill her love for diversification and exploration, she plans to pursue a career in software engineering and work for a company that will share her same interests, whatever that will be at that moment. Further in the future, she plans on creating her own business and utilizing her knowledge of technology to carry her entrepreneurship to the next level.


In her free time (pre-pandemic), she enjoys singing with others, dancing, thrifting, exploring new places, playing volleyball, and swimming. Mid-pandemic, she picked up on cards, board, and video games as a way to connect with her friends and housemates. Ultimately, she enjoys being around the presence of others. Trish is a member of various organizations around campus, including KND, KASA, VSA, KP, and Psi Chi Omega Lil Sis. Currently, she is taking advantage of the pandemic and taking classes while working full-time at an internship. Post-pandemic, Trish hopes to see her brothers again and spend the remainder of her time in college creating lasting memories with them.