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Starlee Hoc



San Gabriel, CA

Starlee is a second-year in Eleanor Roosevelt College studying Business Economics with a minor in Computational Social Science. Growing up in the San Gabriel Valley, Starlee is grateful to have been exposed to a variety of cultures and food. Living in an enclave of Asian Americans, Starlee takes pride in being a part of such a strong community of people. As an only child with parents owning a small business, Starlee learned to be independent at a young age. He cherishes the bonds he has with his friends and family and is thankful for everyone who has influenced him. He hopes to be a positive influence on his brothers and to reinforce the strong community he grew up with.


Starlee is interested in going into consulting or public policy but is open to a variety of industries. He enjoys critical thinking and loves to explore interesting topics from international politics to data research and even personal health. In the meantime, he is content with picking up new skills and networking with people in his fields of interest. Later in life, Starlee hopes to work with people to solve issues such as homelessness and income inequality.


In his free time, Starlee loves to explore. He fancies trying new food, visiting cool places, and doing spontaneous activities. Whether it’s biking, running, or lifting weights he is always active and outside. Around his fellow brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi, Starlee is down to do anything. From late-night adventures to scavenger hunts on campus, whatever the occasion may be, he knows he’ll be having a good time around his brothers.

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