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Starlee Hoc



Los Angeles, CA

Starlee is a fourth-year Business Economics major with minors in Computational Social Science and Technology, Innovation, and Supply Chain Management. Hailing from the Greater Los Angeles area, Starlee has always cherished his hometown roots. However, he's got an insatiable curiosity to explore different communities, cultures, and cities to broaden his world perspective.

He is a fervent enthusiast of problem-solving and critical thinking and always asking the “whys”. He is looking forward to a post-grad career in consulting in a bustling city. He firmly believes that experiences are the most valuable currency in life and is on a mission to accumulate as many as possible during his last year in San Diego and beyond.

When he's not busy working or hanging out with brothers, you can find Starlee outdoors, exploring nature or going sightseeing. He loves trying cooking new meals each month and continues to perfect his arsenal of meals he’s made in the past. In order to burn off the calories, he stays active by running, hiking, and working out.

What truly enriches Starlee's life, though, is the amazing community of people that surround him. He cherishes spending time with his brothers and friends, creating lasting memories and sharing laughter. He is fortunate for all the memories he's made and excited about the adventures and opportunities that lie ahead in his last quarter. He can't wait for what’s to come.

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