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Samuele Tran



Garden Grove, CA

Samuele Tran, a fourth year in Marshall College, is currently studying Cognitive Science with specialization in Design & Interaction and minoring in Psychology. He was born in Pavia, Milan, Italy into a stern, yet loving family that consists of an amiable, older sister; a kind mother; and a passionate father. As such, he grew up adapting these qualities and makes an effort to share these traits with his close friends and community. Having experienced such wonderful memories and sensations from his friends and family, he became cognizant of certain traits and skills that he believes every person should invest in: empathy, perceptiveness, humility, and drive. Though the list can easily expand further, he strongly believes that these characteristics are often overlooked, yet impact one’s mind the most; hence, he practices them often and self-reflect as a means to improve and be mindful.


Professionally, Sam is still currently trying to figure out where his career of interest lies, but is mainly focused on the technological sector of the work field. He hopes to be able to work in the front-end industry of tech as a UX researcher or a Product Designer to create products that would end up saving lives and changing them for the better. Should he branch out, Product Management and Game Design is most likely the route he will take after. His dream profession is to be a firefighter, so it could very well be a possibility that he ends up pursuing that also!


During his free time, Sam often indulges in his hobbies or is pursuing new ones such as sniffing fragrances and new scents, video games, hiking, traveling, lifting, boxing, muay thai, watching anime, searching for new songs, reading manga and webtoons, surfing, snowboarding, fishing, looking at motorcycles, or playing basketball. He is also a very big foodie and is open to learn more about different cuisines as well as how to cook them. After exploring most of Europe and the Nordic countries, he has been fortunate enough to experience the local's traditional dishes in every city he has been to. Now he spends his time learning these recipes in order to replicate them and cook for his friends and family. Joining Alpha Kappa Psi has greatly helped Sam both professionally and personally. Professionally, joining has motivated Sam to drop what he was pursuing before as a means of money and into something he genuinely enjoys. Personally, Alpha Kappa Psi created a home away from home that supports me in every way both in school and outside of school.

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