Samantha Ta



San Francisco, CA

Samantha is a second-year in Sixth College studying Cognitive Science specializing in Design and Interaction. After growing up in San Francisco, she decided to embark on a new adventure in Southern California, even after being told that NorCal was superior her whole life. Self-identifying as an extrovert, Samantha loves connecting with new people. She found an outlet for this passion while working at the Exploratorium, a hands-on science museum, where she interacted with guests and educated them on concepts through scientific demonstrations. In the future, she hopes to continue developing her ability to create meaningful relationships.


As a career, Samantha is currently looking to explore the UI/UX design and digital marketing fields. One thing she has always been fascinated by is how people perceive designs and technology, and how to utilize this knowledge to better cater to their needs. She hopes to use the design process to bring real-world change and equal access to all, even if it means starting small.


During her free time, Samantha enjoys watching video essays on a wide variety of topics to educate herself on niche interests. She expresses her creative side by doing paint-by-number sets and decorating her Animal Crossing island. While in San Diego, she hopes to adventure to every beach and snap a collection of her favorite sunsets.