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Quennie Zeng



Monterey Park, CA

Quennie Zeng is a third-year from Marshall college majoring in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Data Science. Growing up in the San Gabriel Valley, Quennie has always found herself surrounded by others with similar backgrounds and mindsets and thus has made it a point to learn more outside of her community and gain new experiences. She values the importance of self-growth through being put into uncomfortable and new situations. Not only is self-growth important, but Quennie believes self-reflection is equally as important, where one should take the time to take a step back and reassess one’s actions, growth, and differences.


With an interest in going into data analytics, Quennie hopes to use the skills she gains from her studies to be able to make quantifiable data qualifiable. She hopes to use these abilities in her professional endeavors and tie them in with her goal of helping others. Quennie has always found it rewarding in helping others, where she has worked in multiple organizations such as Masked Heroes Initiative and the Marcus Harris Foundation. In these organizations, Quennie was able to give back to the community while gaining experiences in how to communicate, audit, and organize within these branches. Not only did she enjoy being able to make a difference, but she also found passion in it. Quennie plans on exploring consulting and other fields where she can use data analysis in the future.


Outside of the professional world, she likes to relax and spend time with her friends. She enjoys driving around San Diego, trying new food spots, and going thrifting. When Quennie is not out, you can catch her spending an absurd amount of time on Spotify listening to and looking for new music or watching the latest animes and dramas. By joining Alpha Kappa Psi, Quennie has been able to develop her professional skills and also gained clarity in the career paths she can pursue. She met others who had the same drive as her and encouraged her to do more. Quennie does not know what she would have done without her brothers and is thankful for them.

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