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Patric Young



Temple City, CA

Patric is a fourth year studying Human Biology at UC San Diego with a minor in Business. Patric enjoys surrounding himself with driven and like-minded individuals who constantly inspire him to be the best version of himself. He also firmly believes that one can find great joy in giving back and helping others.


Healthcare has been Patric’s passion ever since middle school, and this passion is reflected in his volunteer and work experiences. Patric volunteered at the Methodist Hospital of Southern California as well as the California Hospital Medical Center, where he was able to assist doctors and nurses in extending healthcare to patients. Patric is currently a Laboratory Research Assistant at USC’s Endocrine Laboratories, where he participates in specimen preparation and testing, as well as patient data analysis. In the future, Patric aspires to become a Pediatrician, using his skill sets to positively impact a vulnerable population group. Though his aspirations are largely healthcare-centric, Patric understands that hospitals are invariably tied to the business world. He hopes to gain a better understanding of how institutions of healthcare generate income and enact policies that ultimately affect patient experience. With this deeper level of understanding, Patric plans to make a positive impact in the field of healthcare not only through direct patient care but also through hospital policies.


In his free time, Patric enjoys exploring the outdoors, reviewing different boba flavors, and curating his hit Spotify playlist "Fresh Morning Flow." Amidst the pandemic, Patric has had more time to himself and began learning the guitar. Quarantine has given him perspective and helped him realize that one should never take good times with friends and family for granted. Since entering college and joining AKPsi, Patric has met people that he can depend on and truly call his brothers. He looks forward to creating new memories with these people in the next few years and enriching the fraternity as a whole. Patric is grateful for his new-found community and is ever ready to give back to the Nu-Xi chapter.

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