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Paola Sanchez



Palmdale, CA

Paola Sanchez is a second-year student in Sixth College majoring in International Studies - International Business and minoring in Cognitive Science. She is extremely passionate about meeting new people and she is grateful that she has been given the opportunity to find a community of people with diverse backgrounds at UCSD.


Paola is a first-generation hispanic student and understands the challenges that come with being the first to leave their family to build a better future for them. She uses her background to motivate her to become the best version of herself that she can be, not only as a professional, but also as an individual. She truly values the interactions that she has with others and hopes to pursue a career where she can constantly be learning about others experiences. With her degrees, she hopes to work in the marketing sector of the tech industry and bridge the connections between the developers of innovative products and the consumers. Having traveled to countries like Australia, Taiwan, and Mexico, she has developed a love for adapting to new environments and learning about the world around her, and therefore hopes to work in multiple countries throughout her career.


In her free time, Paola enjoys watching documentaries, creating Pinterest boards, and listening to all kinds of music. You can often catch her outdoors, going to the beach or watching the sunset with her brothers. She is grateful for everything that Alpha Kappa Psi has done for her and is excited to create more memories with everyone.

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