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Paola Sanchez



Palmdale, CA

Paola Sanchez is a fourth-year student in Sixth College majoring in International Business and minoring in Accounting and Cognitive Science. She is passionate about finding learning and growth opportunities, and is extremely grateful that she has a strong community at UCSD to grow with. Being a first-gen latina student, she understands the importance of having a motivating and supporting group of people by her side during college, and she is thankful that Alpha Kappa Psi has been there for her.


Paola is an aspiring CPA, planning on pursuing a career in the field of Accounting, to ultimately become a Partner at a firm. Some of her interests within Accounting are International Tax, Private Client Services, and Technical Accounting. She will be working at an accounting and advisory firm post-graduation where she will be providing tax services to high-net worth individuals, as well as helping businesses with their tax planning strategies. She finds great satisfaction when she knows that her work is making a positive impact, whether it be on a firm or company, or directly to the community.


Aside from her professional interests, she loves watching documentaries, painting, and learning new languages. You can often catch her outdoors or at the beach spending time with her brothers. She is grateful for everything that Alpha Kappa Psi has provided for her and she is so excited to make more memories with everyone!

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