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Noel Hwang



Los Angeles, CA

Noel is a fourth-year transfer with an International Business major and an intended minor in Design. She revolves her life around meaningful relationships with admirable people and considers good character the stronghold of life. Noel strongly believes in the importance of connection and empathy with others, no matter how different they may appear. Growing up, she was instilled with the values of selflessness and authenticity that she continuously aims to pour into both her personal and professional life.


In her professional pursuit, Noel is currently on an entrepreneurial path that intertwines her creative passions. With an affinity for visual arts, fashion, music, and creating innovative ideas, she hopes to apply these to help others in unorthodox ways. She is the co-founder of the styling business, BundleBrat, a service that curates personalized outfits to fully express one’s identity through fashion. This opportunity has taught her the joys of uplifting another person’s confidence through her own passions, while also teaching her the realistic aspects of entrepreneurship. She intends to continue to grow this endeavor alongside increasing her knowledge of business fundamentals. Although Noel grew up believing she would pursue the fine arts, experiences of her own and others have cemented her passion for the creativity that can be found in business. Her ultimate aspiration is to create multiple businesses in the future that can spark happiness in others in even the smallest of ways.


In her personal life, Noel loves to spend time with her friends and family, dance, snowboard, thrift, and learn new things. She enjoys a spontaneous adventure to wherever and believes unplanned memories are the best ones. This year, she hopes to pick up surfing and expand her sneaker collection. As a transfer, Noel has found her first community with her AKPsi brothers and cannot wait for all the memories to come.

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