Nina Ho.png

Nina Ho


Westminster, CA

Here are the banal pleasantries in first getting to know Nina: they're a 3rd-year International business major from Warren College, and are from Orange County-- specifically Westminster, and they basically won't let you forget that once they've mentioned it. Even though they've fallen more in love with San Diego recently, Westminster will always be home, and Nina would be more than happy to bring you to Tira Tea House or Ben Ngu for some good tea or bun bo hue-- by the way, say something to them in Viet, and they’ll happily respond! They’d love to talk to you about how passionate they are about their Vietnamese roots, and their involvement in UCSD VSA. Something that people are surprised to learn about Nina is that they can be more intense than they appear. Learning about other people's psyches is something they enjoy immensely; if you're raring for a good conversation, you can ask Nina one of their favorite icebreaker questions: "What's something you’ve done that makes you feel ashamed to admit, and how did you grow from it?" and see where that takes you.


Nina is pursuing a focus in marketing with their undergraduate degree, and has been grateful to have the opportunity to work for one of their beloved companies that echo their passion in diverse and inclusive marketing. They are currently an e.l.f. International Marketing intern and a Beautyscape mentee, where they've had the opportunity to take a behind-the-scenes look at how the music and beauty industry merges to execute an electric and dynamic makeup campaign, where music is the muse for makeup art. With their current commitments in e.l.f. Cosmetics, as well as UCSD ACM: Dimensions as Marketing Lead, Nina hopes to champion actively engaging, provocative, and powerful marketing in their involvements, while upholding their values in supporting underrepresented, marginalized, and oppressed individuals, especially BIPOC and those in the LGBTQIA+ community.


To destress, Nina enjoys 2 AM runs and shadow boxing. Nina also knows the importance of exercising the brain (use it or lose it!), so they avidly devour new words that they pick up from others in conversations, and enjoy vocabulary- and wit-based, or guessing games like Codenames, Scrabble, Bananagrams, Quiplash, and Blather ‘Round. They also have a penchant for prepared and impromptu speeches, due to their heavy nostalgia from being in Academic Decathlon. As a mainly social and intense person, Nina has been grateful to share these two core aspects of their personality with their brothers, as they know they can turn to their second family for any type of professional or personal help-- or for an impromptu late night trip to Denny’s!