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Natalie Kim



Torrance, CA

Natalie Kim, a second-year majoring in Cognitive Science specialization in Design and Interaction, with a minor in Accounting, prioritizes the belief that diligent effort fosters opportunities for personal growth. She embraces the notion that experimenting with new endeavors not only facilitates her development but also helps her learn from setbacks.


With an intention to pursue a career path in UX design, Natalie actively engages in learning and seizing opportunities to deepen her understanding of the field. Initially uncertain about her academic pursuit upon entering college, she discovered her passion for problem-solving and innovative thinking, ultimately leading her to choose UX design as her focus. Despite her broad interests, including accounting and project management created through diverse experiences, Natalie aims to broaden her horizons further. She intends to explore each interest meticulously, seeking ways to intertwine them for personal and professional growth.


During her free time, Natalie indulges in activities such as golfing, visiting cafes, and spending time with her friends. She values the art of time management, ensuring she dedicates ample time to nurturing her relationships with her friends. Natalie finds joy in crafting new memories and embarking on spontaneous adventures. Her involvement with AKPsi has underscored the significance and worth of community, revealing insights she might not have otherwise encountered. The cherished memories and meaningful relationships she has cultivated serve as constant sources of inspiration, motivating her to strive harder while enjoying the journey.

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