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Miranda Meng



Hacienda Heights, CA

Miranda Meng is a second-year Business Economics major at Sixth College. Coming from a small city, Miranda is happy to have a change of scenery in San Diego and explore new places and opportunities that are presented to her. She is excited about where she will be in the next few years.

As a child, Miranda’s mother and aunt always brought her to work where she was able to see the many sectors and operations of a business. Being surrounded by business figures her entire life, she was inspired to pursue a career in business and make her family proud. Professionally, Miranda is still exploring different career pathways and finding her true passions. Her current interest is pursuing a career in finance with accounting. However, she is still expanding her knowledge in various industries such as psychology and marketing.

In her free time, Miranda can be found exploring new coffee shops, going to flea markets, snacking on food, and making Spotify playlists. Some of her favorite life experiences have been going to concerts for her favorite artists. Miranda is always trying to make the most out of her time and gain new experiences, especially with her brothers in Alpha Kappa Psi.

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