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Melissa Osheroff



Novato, CA

Melissa is a second-year at Sixth College studying Bioengineering with a focus on Bioinformatics and considering minoring in Mathematics-Computer Science. Although originally wanting to work in the medical field, Melissa quickly realized that she enjoyed mathematics and physics and decided to pursue engineering. Although still open to exploring other majors, Melissa enjoys Bioinformatics because it utilizes computer science and mathematic principles in order to better understand genomes. With this degree, she hopes to make a positive impact by researching genetic disorders.


This school year, Melissa hopes to learn more about the application process for internship opportunities with biotech companies. Because Bioengineering is incredibly interdisciplinary, she is excited to have hands-on experience with projects that help her find niches within the field.


As someone who enjoys trying new things, Melissa has picked up a variety of hobbies over the years: violin, flute, baking, jogging, journaling, and sudoku to name a few. While somewhat hectic, Melissa is very proud of her versatility which has led her to incredible opportunities. Despite having a major unrelated to business, joining AKPsi has given Melissa so much to be grateful for. Her life has been changed by the unconditional encouragement from her brothers and is excited to continue to grow by their side.