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Maya Lu


San Jose, CA

Maya is a third-year at Marshall College striving for a Bachelor’s in Political Science with a minor in Data Science. She grew up with a compassionate family that taught her the virtue of liberating material attachments and giving back to her community. Seeking to embody her family’s empathy, she makes efforts to better herself, personally and professionally, to maximize the positive impact she can leave on the lives of others.


From her first two years of college, Maya gained exposure to the marginalization of migrants. Through classes on immigration, internships, and volunteering with refugee populations, her passion for empowering migrants continues to grow. She currently works as an Undergraduate Research Fellow at the US Immigration Policy Center. There, she is developing her data analysis toolkit and contributing to research from San Diego that influences policymaking in DC. In the future, Maya hopes to work at a think tank or NGO, using the intersection of Political Science and Data Science to influence US immigration policy or human trafficking abroad.


In her free time, Maya loves watching cat videos on YouTube, baking, and indulging in Korean dramas. During quarantine, her family had the opportunity to foster four kittens and she fell head over heels for them - but she still retains equal love for her two cats, Minnie and Cooper. Quarantine has also given Maya the opportunity to bake something new every weekend. She loves trying out new recipes, even though she may not succeed half the time. Nonetheless, social distancing has made her realize how much she misses her brothers at Alpha Kappa Psi. They have guided her, challenged her, and given her countless memories to look back on. She looks forward to reuniting with her amazing brothers and growing alongside one another as they experience the ups and downs of life together.