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Marissa Chan



Castro Valley, CA

Marissa Chan is a second-year student at UC San Diego majoring in International Business with a focus on Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A). With a family background mainly working in STEM, she was pretty set on a career in pharmacy, but later took an interest in business. Marissa is actively seeking a new internship opportunity for the upcoming year that will further improve her skill sets and broaden her horizons. She took on an internship related to website and content creation last summer, and is hoping to try something new.


Outside of academics, she is always challenging herself to try new creative outlets. She likes to scroll through Pinterest for inspiration which encourages her various hobbies - whether it's bullet journaling, painting water bottles, playing with polymer clay, or crafting jewelry. While her creativity isn’t about claiming expertise, she allows her creativity to be her personal retreat. She also enjoys various outdoor activities, from tennis to swimming to hiking. Tennis has been a family sport and a big part of her life since childhood. Her playful spirit extends even to Nerf wars and other activities that keep her engaged and entertained.


Many can agree that she is fueled by an infinite sugar rush, because of her particular affinity for sweets. She is a self-proclaimed sweets enthusiast with an undeniable passion for all things dessert-based. She finds thrills in the adventure of Yelping and discovering new foodie spots to try out, otherwise, she'll essentially consume frozen yogurt every day. Born and raised in the Bay Area, she has always thrived in the excitement of the busy city life, allowing her to keep exploring new places.


Her enthusiasm, drive, and determination extends into her various creative outlets and academic pursuits. Marissa looks ahead to discover her own professional narrative, one that aligns with her wide-ranging interests. She has found a home at AKPsi that supports her growth and exploration. Finding such a supportive community of brothers has allowed her to explore alternate career choices, helping her make a definitive decision in her individual path.

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