Marco Paredes



San Diego, CA

Marco is a third-year from Sixth College studying Electrical Engineering with a focus in Machine Learning and Controls, as well as a major in Business-Economics. Growing up in a low-income Latino neighborhood, Marco strongly identifies as a first-generation student, he uses his family's history to motivate him to devote himself to his career and eventually return the support to other underprivileged individuals. Through some great mentors, Marco found the guidance and the grit necessary to make it to his childhood dream college. Today, he is grateful for all the opportunities he has received and hopes to work hard all while enjoying college.


After having experienced the hands-on hardware side of electrical engineering, Marco plans to become more involved in machine learning or biomedical devices. Thanks to his internship in an R&D group, Marco created an interest in product development in engineering for both the technical and business sides. He plans to apply the knowledge he earned from electrical engineering and business economics to create his own company in the future.


Outside his career, Marco is also involved in the Society of Hispanic and Professional Engineers as their External Vice President where he volunteers his time to provide a safe space for minority students in STEM. In Marco's free time, he enjoys reading nonfiction books and play his guitar to jazz, rock, indie, or metal. If you can't find him at Geisel or Warren, he is most likely on an impulsive solo trip in Seattle or Mexico meeting other tourists or becoming dehydrated from drinking too much coffee. Other than that, Marco loves to meet new people, he strongly believes that every person holds a story and a lesson you can learn from. He also strongly believes that you become the person whom you surround yourself with. At Alpha Kappa Psi, Marco was given the opportunity to surround himself with passionate and caring people who he respects and looks up to all the time.