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Luke Ninh



Tracy, CA

Luke Ninh is a fourth year Business Psychology major, with minors in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Marine Sciences. His unique origins in Tracy, CA instilled a fiery desire to continuously push himself to become better each day. He values personal growth through adversity and his lifestyle is guided by one mantra: seek discomfort.


Throughout his college years, Luke has served in multiple roles in the pre-professional organization Phi Beta Lambda and the social fraternity Pi Kappa Phi. This past Summer, he was able to apply his organizational leadership experience in the workplace while interning as an Area Manager at Amazon. There, he learned the ins and outs of warehouse operations and uncovered issues that were impacting that location's KPIs. Currently, he is interested in becoming a product manager in the entertainment industry. He aims to sharpen his technical knowledge by exploring tools for project management, data analysis, and software development.


At leisure, you can find Luke exploring different genres of music, especially those that blend metal, hip-hop, and electronic styles. As a guitarist, he loves jamming with his bandmates and enjoys songwriting as a creative outlet. His other hobbies include gaming, video editing, and reading. Above all, Luke cherishes the time he gets to spend with his brothers. Alpha Kappa Psi has given him a community of outstanding individuals that he can call family, and a place that he can call home.

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