Lauren Takiguchi


Irvine, CA

Lauren is a senior who is majoring in NanoEngineering with a Chemistry minor. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, she moved to Irvine, California at a young age before coming to San Diego for college. As a young child, Lauren has always been like a Curious George which prompted her to be fascinated with how the world works and always trying new things.


Professionally, Lauren is interested in utilizing nanotechnology to engineer innovative solutions in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology field. She is also interested in the applications of chemistry and physics in space exploration. Currently, Lauren is working at the Salk Institute for Biological Sciences with Dr. Kosuri to create DNA origami nanostructures and computationally model biological processes. In the upcoming quarter, she will also be starting an internship at General Atomics where she will be learning advanced material characterization techniques.


In her free time, Lauren enjoys spontaneous hiking adventures, searching for the best boba places, finding new music, and visiting aquariums. She also loves to hang out with her brothers, whether that includes a late-night Tacos El Gordo run, movie night in, study session, or celebrating birthdays together. Without a doubt, making time to relax with people she loves is integral--no matter how busy the quarter gets.