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Kyra-Mariae Toves



Long Beach, CA

Kyra-Mariae is a fourth-year from Revelle College pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Human Developmental Sciences with a specialty in Equity and Diversity. She aspires to become a social worker and practice effective interventions to improve family dynamics.


It has been a long-time dream for Kyra-Mariae to take part in a career that involves helping and serving others. After joining AKPsi in college and meeting other highly motivated individuals, Kyra-Mariae discovered the kind of positive impact she wishes to have on others. Her close connections with her brothers offered her an enriching experience, where she knew she could confidently rely on her brothers and be a person they could equally lean on.


As an avid learner and fan of all trades, Kyra-Mariae often engages in various activities with her closest friends. She appreciates coming across new vegan recipes to try and building aesthetically pleasing charcuterie boards. Kyra-Mariae also enjoys learning new card games or replaying her favorite games, The Oregon Trail and Bananagrams. And when she finally has time to herself, she finds comfort in taking night strolls along the beach or reading a book lent to her by a friend. The only thing that Kyra-Mariae does not enjoy is playing zombie videogames alone.

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