Kyra-Mariae Toves


Long Beach, CA

Kyra-Mariae is a second-year from Revelle College pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology. Prior to university, Kyra attended a different school each year, allowing her to become highly adaptable and reinvent her frame of mind. She graduated with two diplomas as an International Baccalaureate candidate and was at the top of her class. Her summers were normally spent in a library reading comics and books with compelling reports. A notable favorite was ‘The Innovator’s Mindset’ by George Couros. Her copy of the book, given to her by her History teacher, is encompassed by her annotations that suggest an inviolable power in acknowledging the potential of one’s abilities and valuing all experiences. Through her on-going process of cultivating a growth mindset, she persists against daunting challenges and strives to encourage the same in others.


It has been a long time dream for Kyra-Mariae to take part in a career that involves helping and serving others. Her vocation to work in Healthcare Administration serves her passion to make a real difference in improving the quality of care for hospitals and clinics. Each day brings a new challenge for Healthcare Administrators considering public legislation and technological development. Nevertheless, Kyra actively seeks new opportunities to contest her abilities and discover new avenues for improvement. Despite the brevity of her time with Alpha Kappa Psi, the admirable tenacity of its members had a lasting impact on her. The authenticity of unwavering support from her brothers through her tribulations was the key to persevere through adversities.


Full of passion for learning, Kyra-Mariae seeks to expand her knowledge of other subjects in art and science. As a fan of all trades, Kyra appreciates coming across new styles and techniques in filmography and creating strawberry-based desserts. She spends time critiquing movies through Letterboxd or studying new concepts in molecular gastronomy when her schedule says she’s available. Her interests also traverse through watching baseball and playing volleyball inelegantly. The only thing Kyra is not a fan of is playing zombie videogames alone.