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Kevin Gaw


Orange, CA

Kevin Gaw is a fourth-year in Revelle College majoring in General Biology with a minor in Business. With his family being deeply rooted in the medical field, medicine has become somewhat of a "family business" to them. With this, Kevin was always surrounded by healthcare, so his interests in health sciences were piqued at a very young age. Although his background may have biased him towards pursuing medicine, his love and appreciation for the field, tied with the ability to make a meaningful impact, is his main driver of motivation.


Following his undergraduate career, Kevin plans on taking two gap years to attend a post-baccalaureate program as well as apply to medical schools. He is currently helping conduct research focused on Gulf War Illness at the Golomb Research Group as well as assisting nurses with direct patient care at the Palomar Medical Center. While Kevin's passion is focused in the realm of healthcare, he still holds vast interests in the world of business. In the past, Kevin has represented Dollar Shave Club as a brand ambassador and is currently the brand ambassador for both Kaplan and Guayakí Yerba Mate. He is also working alongside healthcare administrators at St. Joseph Hospital to assist underserved communities in order to improve their health outcomes. During his time in medical school, he has hopes of pursuing an MD/MBA so that he may make an impact not only through patient interactions, but also by influencing healthcare policies.


In his free time, you will find Kevin working out, searching for new restaurants, or finding new opportunities to expand his skillset. Through Alpha Kappa Psi, Kevin was exposed to a world that exists both within and beyond medicine. He met loving and caring brothers that he knows he can rely on at any time and anywhere. During his last year at UC San Diego, Kevin is looking forward to welcoming new brothers, creating new memories, and aiding in the growth and development of the fraternity as a whole.