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Kayla Chung



Fairfield, CA

Kayla Chung is a second-year Real Estate and Development major who plans on minoring in Finance. Kayla values the importance of living life to the fullest and enjoying every beautiful moment life has to offer, especially with the people that she loves. Kindness and compassion are important virtues in her life that she strives to uphold. Her goal is to spread positivity in every interaction and aspect of her life.


Kayla’s interest in business stems from her upbringing. Growing up surrounded by entrepreneurs had a large impact on her, especially her parents who own their own coffee shop in Berkeley, California. Watching their love for coffee grow into a passion project and eventually, a real, physical, and successful business was extremely inspiring for her and helped her realize that whatever she does end up pursuing professionally, she wants it to be something she loves and is passionate about. What that is exactly, however, she has yet to figure out. Kayla hopes to explore her many different interests by joining different organizations, pursuing internships, and trying new things. She is determined to figure out where her true passions lie.


In her free time, Kayla enjoys playing video games, making unwise financial decisions at the mall, thrifting, spontaneous food and boba runs, attending concerts, watching anime, playing badminton, and working out. Her happiest moments are always with her friends, whether that be playing Valorant for hours over Covid or singing their hearts out to early 2000s throwback songs during late-night drives. Joining Alpha Kappa Psi has helped Kayla grow both professionally and personally in so many ways and she is beyond grateful to have found such a loving and inspiring community of people to call family. She has made so many amazing and memorable memories in her time with her brothers so far and is looking forward to making many more in the years to come.

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