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Justin Duong


Orange, CA

Justin Duong and is a fourth-year student from Sixth College pursuing a degree in structural engineering with a focus on civil and commercial structures. An adventurer at heart, he is grateful for the many opportunities he's had to explore beautiful countries, learn from insightful people, and further his hobbies and passions. He believes that something as little as a change in perspective allows one to grow and improve upon themselves, so it never hurts to keep an open mind.


From his many days of SCUBA diving, surfing, and community service, Justin's passion for sustainability plays an important role in his lifestyle and his career direction. Through the engineering projects he has performed with Global TIES, and the creative work he enjoys now with the EnVision Studio, he was able to combine service with engineering discipline to further develop his capabilities and skillsets. Professionally, he was given the opportunity to work closely with Turner Construction | San Diego. With his team by his side, he built valuable experience in all the various facets of a commercial engineering and design project. From translating architectural designs to estimation and risk assessment, Justin hopes that someday these skills will help build a brighter, more sustainable future in the built environment.


This Fall, Justin will be joining Clark Construction as a full-time Project Engineer following graduation. He credits this achievement to the experiences, the connections, and the impacts he made at UCSD, and he is thrilled for what's to come.


In his free time, you can find Justin at the beach enjoying some of his favorite hobbies: surfing, SCUBA diving, or just spending time with his friends. A die-hard ODESZA fan, you will never catch him without his favorite tracks, as music is an integral part of his day-to-day life.