Jonathan Lum



San Ramon, CA

Jonathan is a third-year transfer student from Sixth College studying Cognitive Science with a specialization in Design & Interaction. Originally, he studied Management Information Systems at San Diego State University. During this time, he found a passion for technology, design, and how both subjects intersect with one another.


Outside of school, Jonathan has worked at various startups and non-profit organizations as a UX Designer. Most recently, he’s worked at, a nonprofit based in Philadelphia creating a secure document storage platform for identification to help individuals experiencing homelessness. Additionally, Jonathan also works as a Director of Education at Innovative Designers of Tomorrow, a startup created at UC Berkeley that strives to lower the education barrier needed for students to explore design. These experiences have helped Jonathan understand the importance of designing with accessibility in mind and how he can make design knowledge accessible to everyone. In the future, Jonathan hopes to continue working on design projects that emphasize accessibility and utilizing technology to create positive impacts in the world.


When Jonathan isn’t studying or focused on designing wireframes, he enjoys watching various shows and movies, seeking out new food and coffee spots to try, exploring other subjects in design like motion design, and playing video games like Valorant.