Joanne Chau



Rosemead, CA

Joanne is a fourth-year studying Molecular and Cell Biology with a minor in Business. Growing up in a small city in the San Gabriel Valley, she realized that there is so much to life that remains undiscovered. She is passionate about learning from the knowledge of others and loves to listen to what others have to share.


Professionally, her passion resides in the intersection of science and people. The impact that biological research holds on healthcare fascinates her and she strives to learn the depths of how the human body functions. Joanne hopes to work towards her goal of improving the lives of those who have illnesses by making small but impactful contributions towards the development of new medicines and therapeutics. Improving healthcare is not an individual effort nor a small task, but she knows she has the full support of the AKPsi brothers to achieve it. After college, Joanne will be joining Amgen Thousand Oaks for their Operations Rotational Program.


During her free time, Joanne enjoys studying at coffee shops and trying new food places. Her goal is to construct a solid list of spots that she can recommend to others. As she approaches the end of her college career, Joanne aims to explore what San Diego has to offer and create long lasting memories with those around her.