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Jingxiu Huang



Sarasota, Florida

Jingxiu Huang is a third-year student at Marshall College, majoring in Business Economics. Originally born in Mainland China, she relocated to Sarasota, Florida, at the age of 11. Family has always been a fundamental influence on her development growing up, and this has seamlessly carried over into her professional journey and served as a cornerstone in shaping her character and guiding her personal growth. Her parents, who have a strong business background, instilled in her an adventurous and inquisitive spirit, leading her to explore a wide range of interests and seek innovative opportunities in the business world. She is committed to developing a versatile skill set and has consistently worked on building a comprehensive set of skills for the business industry, with a focus on fostering collaboration and unwavering dedication wherever she goes. Having started a passion project alongside with her closest friend and co-founder, she is always looking to create something of her own and is not afraid to push herself out of her comfort zone.

However, her unwavering enthusiasm for the legal field has remained consistent. This deep-seated passion was nurtured during her time with the UCSD Speech & Debate Team and as a Legislative Intern with the County of San Diego. She decided to adopt an intersectional approach, bridging her diverse interests by integrating legal expertise into the business industry. With her sights firmly set on pursuing law school upon the completion of her undergraduate degree, she aspires to establish a career in a prestigious law firm, aiming for the realm of "big law."

During her free time, she enjoys engaging in outdoor pursuits. For her, it was the five years of competitive golf experience that instilled the discipline necessary for success in various aspects of her life. She also have passion for exploring exotic cuisines, staying active through workouts and marathons, and is an avid reader with a particular interest in self-help, finance, and memoirs. Through her love of books, she has developed a profound appreciation for the written word and recognizes the transformative power of a good book. In her eyes, books serve as valuable mentors, and the knowledge and skills she gains from reading reinforce her ethical principles and leadership values, giving her the confidence to apply innovative approaches for optimal outcomes in all endeavors.

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