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Jessie Liu



Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Jessie is a third year in Sixth College studying Business Economics and minoring in Real Estate Development. From Vancouver, Canada, she moved to California for college to push herself out of her comfort zone. Eager to gain new experiences, cultivate new friendships, and grow professionally, San Diego has helped her explore all her curiosities. She is always open to learning new things and taking risky and impulsive but rewarding opportunities. Growing up in a business-oriented family, she looks forward to combining her problem solving intuitions and her love for social change.


Career wise, Jessie is interested in finding the intersectionality between her several passions. Having worked as a bus girl to starting her own organization, Boss-Up, she loves to give all of her interests a shot, even if she fails. Currently she is looking to further her intrest in Real Estate Development and Fashion. She hopes that whatever she commits to in the future will fuflfill not only her but the world she lives in.

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