Jenna Nguyen


Garden Grove, CA

Jenna is a third-year from Thurgood Marshall College majoring in Cognitive Science with Specialization in Design & Interaction. Having lived in many parts of Orange County such as Rancho Santa Margarita, Fountain Valley, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, and so on-- she is grateful to her experiences with many unique variants of demographics and socioeconomic statuses in each of the communities she has inhabited. With this, she enjoys comparing and contrasting different dynamics in communities that are attributed to multi-faceted intersections of culture, class, etc.-- and how each unique experience shapes their upbringing, but also what actions people have taken to create their own outcome. In short, she is very curious about every individual's personal identity.


Professionally, Jenna's favorite interview question is: "When was there a time you encountered a conflict in a team setting, and how did you resolve it." Currently, Jenna works as a Residential Service Attendant for the Thurgood Marshall College Residential Life and enjoys creating resourceful and interactive graphics to further support the residents in her community. This past summer, she worked as a Summer Intern for TMC ResLife rebranding and creating a graphics standard, as well as creating new core obligations and office procedures for the incoming academic year. In the near future, she hopes to break into the gaming industry working in some facet of video game design. For now, she seeks opportunities that allow her to solve critical problems with innovative & creative processes, as well as working with disadvantaged youth in underserved communities.


Outside of interviews, 3 words to describe Jenna would be: positive, unconventional, and curious. If a design doesn't work out for Jenna, she would like to join the FBI and become a behavioral analyst like in criminal minds (however, she does not think that job actually exists); otherwise, she may become a high school English teacher. In the real world, she loved to eat good food, explore new and cute places, and try the barista's favorite drink at coffee shops; for now, she looks forward to making dinner with her housemates, playing Valorant with her fellow brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi, and driving back home to get boba with her sister. As she gets through this year, she knows she can rely on her brothers and her family to overcome these challenging months!