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Jason Lee



Los Angeles, CA

Jason Lee is a second-year student studying International Business at Thurgood Marshall College. He was raised by hard-working parents who immigrated from South Korea when he was two years old. Living in the windy city of Chicago for ten years, Jason experienced a diverse environment from a young age. Since youth, Jason was always spontaneous. He has always been open to trying new things and has had various interests in different subjects. Jason’s upbringing has shaped him into the humble person he is today.

As Jason has always seeked various creative outlets, he indulged himself in different medias of art, photoshop, and even creating custom cut and painted mirrors. Although he’s unsure about what career path he wants to pursue, he’s sure that expressing his creativity is a necessity. Jason currently owns a clothing brand that indulges in streetwear. He handles everything from creating graphic designs and custom garments to interacting with overseas manufacturers. Although he is running his business on the side, Jason is also open to pursuing different fields of interest. Opening his own business has taught him how to take responsibility and persevere through hard times alone.

In his free time, Jason likes to design on Photoshop, make custom cut and painted mirrors, and find unique songs on Spotify. Although Jason has spent a lot of time hanging out with friends and trying various restaurants in Los Angeles, he has yet to try sushi. He hopes that he can find the chance to try sushi as well as other new eats.

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