Jasmine Guan



Kunming, Yunnan, China

Jasmine is a fourth-year Data Science and Math-Econ double major from Thurgood Marshall College. She was born and raised in the beautiful "Spring City" of China before following her mother to New Jersey at the age of 15 and started the incredible journey. The drastic blend of culture, values, environment, and people has greatly shaped her principles and goals. Having perspectives from both social standards, she's able to view the world with a clearer lens. She is also therefore fascinated by each individual's story, especially how each experience accumulate to form a person's perseverance and passion. Her family means the whole world to her and she's very grateful for her parents' support and faith in her to pursue her own path.


Professionally, Jasmine has always been passionate about the power of data to reflect complex models and human behavior. She has trained herself to turn real-life business problems into mathematical and programmable problems and find data-driven strategic solutions. In order to apply that knowledge to a field of influence, she has spent a large portion of her college career exploring various areas of interest such as consulting, data science, business analytics, and graduate education. Regardless of what path she ends up choosing, she wants her work to make an impact on the world. After graduating college, she plans on going to grad school for Data Science or Economics to learn more about the magic of data analysis on business and economical data. But her ultimate career goal is to establish a charity in her mom's hometown and to own her own music/media production company. The freedom to control her work culture and determine the impact she can make is the main reason why she aims to have her own business. Having involvement in student government and business community, she is certain that every voice carries value and hers will certainly make an impact on her loved community and passionate subjects.


On a more personal level, the best way to describe Jasmine is: calm, curious and passionate. Jasmine believes her calm nature stems from her international student experience having to face many unprecedented obstacles at a young age by herself. Her curious nature inspires her to always ask questions and challenge the status quo. She believes that questioning imperfections and inconsistencies is the best way to explore and improve oneself. Being passionate is the most defining quality about Jasmine. Once she decides to do something, she will give her a hundred percent passion, energy, discipline and focus on becoming the best she can be in that area. In my personal time, I like to watch horror movies, try new foods, make coffee and attempt to play the guitar and cook Chinese foods!! I'm also a workout fan and loves getting lost in boxing. Joining Alpha Kappa Psi has opened up another brand new world to her filled with passionate people who care and inspire each other. Although I'm tired of living through historical moments at this point, brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi made the harsh pandemic filled with laughter and warmth.