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Jameel Ganaden



San Diego, CA

Jameel Ganaden is a third year student majoring in Computer Science. While he is passionate and driven in the career path he has chosen, he is keeping an open mind to the various careers in the tech industry. He is currently building experience towards Software Engineering through classes, but he is still interested in learning about other technology career paths and various skills in other fields such as design and website development. His main professional goal is to work remotely for a stable company and travel the world comfortably before settling down in LA to work for Riot Games.

Growing up, he loved dabbling in technology and gaming. In the beginning of this interest, he built computers and discovered how computer components were practically like a LEGO set. Throughout time, this interest has evolved and now he enjoys deconstructing and reconstructing computers, learning about software and web development, as well as pursuing gaming professionally in VALORANT and previously Fortnite. At the age of 16, he was finding esports to be a reasonable hobby to turn into a side income, and in college, he was able to briefly spend some time playing VALORANT with the UCSD team and players. Aside from being immersed in the technology world, he enjoys staying grounded by supporting his community and faith through community service involvement in various groups. He dedicated time to be in a youth leadership program for his church, participated in area cleanups, and served at homeless shelters.

When he is not on his electronics, you can catch Jameel going for drives (or races) late at night until the sun comes up. He enjoys vibing out by listening to music at the beach or the mountains on his own, but he also enjoys hanging out with friends and taking them to new places. Whether it be finding an abandoned spot, hiking far out, or trespassing into closed territory- there’s always an experience that he loves to have with his friends. Ever since he joined Alpha Kappa Psi, he’s been presented with so many new experiences and opportunities, both socially and professionally. He’s proud to consider himself a brother of this organization, and he hopes to make more memories with everybody throughout his college years and beyond.

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