JJ Kao.png

Jacqueline Kao


San Mateo, CA

Joyce is an upcoming second-year from ERC who is currently majoring in International Business and is thinking about taking up a Design and Japanese Studies minor. She is fascinated with learning new cultures and languages and hopes to one day study and/or work abroad in Asia. Growing up Christian, Joyce values kindness, generosity, and humility when it comes to developing as a person and interacting with others. Looking up to her mother, she also values people who work hard and persevere.


In her professional career, Joyce aims to develop her skills in marketing and design. In the fall of 2020, she will be working as a Leadership Development Intern for the start-up company RippleMatch as a way to learn and exercise her marketing strategies. She is eager to search for new opportunities especially in UI/UX and graphic design.


In her free time, Joyce loves cooking and baking for others, drawing and doodling, watching anime, and reading historical fiction. Over the summer, she devoted herself to running in her neighborhood and doing Chloe Ting to attain a post-quarantine glow-up. In her time here at UCSD, she hopes to form many more relationships and make many more memories that she will never forget.