Jack Lee



Riverside, CA

Jack is a fourth-year in Marshall college majoring in International Business. He grew up in Riverside, CA, and transferred from Cal Poly Pomona. Having traveled to many states and countries, Jack has developed a passion for learning about different cultures and people. Always looking to explore hidden gems and surrounding himself within nature, Jack hopes to incorporate traveling into his career. With an emphasis on friendships that are as strong as family, Jack plans a future where his friends are by his side every step of his journey.


Jack interned at a startup over the summer in New York where he worked in many different fields related to business. With projects related to marketing and growth operations, he began with direct marketing and later progressed to analyzing and producing content. He then gradually moved to social media and began managing brand ambassadors and contracting influencers in order to expand outreach. Later working remotely in operations, he focused on creating efficient SOPs and involved himself in every process related to hiring.


During his free time, Jack likes to find new music, cruise on his board, and explore his surroundings. Always looking to learn and experience more of the world, you can catch Jack searching for his next adventure. With school opening up, Jack is excited to partake in many activities with his brothers in Alpha Kappa Psi.