Ishaan Shrivastav


Fountain Valley, CA

Ishaan is a rising third-year and part of Warren College who is majoring in Computer Science. He grew up in Redlands, California, throughout his whole childhood and went to Redlands High School. As someone who has stayed around the same people his whole life, brotherhood and loyalty are extremely pertinent values that he holds. Additionally, his family has been extremely insistent on the importance of giving back to the community and that is something that drives his future goals.


Career-wise, Ishaan would like to join a company as a software engineer to learn the ins and outs of running a large business. He would then love to create or join a startup to build something for himself. Currently, he is applying to internships and working on personal projects to boost his overall knowledge of the evergrowing field. Down the road, Ishaan would like to use his knowledge and experience to create a nonprofit that would help children in India have access to better education. For him, giving back to the community he came from is a large life goal.


During his free time, Ishaan loves playing the guitar to classical and pop music and dabbling in video games. He is also a member of Phi Delta Theta and spends time with brothers from both fraternities. Since middle school, Ishaan has played tennis and is a huge fan of Roger Federer. He also follows the Denver Broncos and the Los Angeles Lakers closely. Overall, Ishaan greatly appreciates the support of his brothers in Alpha Kappa Psi and is excited to give back to the organization as best he can.