Harry Li


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Harry is a rising sophomore in Sixth College majoring in Cognitive Science. Harry spent his younger years moving between China and Australia absorbing the culture and values of both countries and forging his identity through his appreciation of western and eastern culture alike.


Harry comes from a non-traditional background where he spent time working as a Technology Consultant before attending university. From work, Harry developed a strong passion for technology, particularly how companies today are adapting to a new digital landscape of cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, and automation. However, as someone who has personally witnessed the adverse impact of automation, he hopes to employ such tools ethically and responsibly, finding collaborative ways of work that take advantage of human intuition with the capabilities of algorithms to future proof organisations. Ultimately Harry hopes to put his technical skills and business acumen to use working in the not for profit sector.


Harry spends his past time reading about philosophy, economics, politics, and the latest trends in technology. Usually, Harry would spend his summer breaks traveling. Recently, he spends a week in Israel eating hummus and soaking up the sun by the shores of the dead sea. Although the online environment has been tough, Harry believes it is important to focus on things that we can control within our sphere of influence amidst all of the chaos going on all over the world.


Through Alpha Kappa Psi, Harry has been able to make lifelong friends in the US, thousands of kilometres away from Australia. To him, the fraternity is like his second family.