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Gabriella Onggara



Los Angeles, CA

Gabriella Onggara is currently a second year Business Economics major who’s cultivated an interest in marketing and consulting. She also has a passion for creating digital art which she hopes to combine with her interest in marketing and begin creating commissions. Gabriella is focusing on exploring different areas of business that combine creativity and strategy and is eager to find what she’s truly passionate about. All in all, she values the importance in relentlessly pursuing her goals but also understanding the necessity of being patient with yourself through challenging moments and appreciating the present as much as possible.


Initially, Gabriella had plans to pursue a career in the medical field as a trauma surgeon and has cultivated many experiences catered to that interest. She volunteered at Cedars Sinai hospital where she delivered meals and tended to many patients and shadowed several plastic surgeries at a private clinic and learned a lot about reconstructive plastic surgery. However, after her first year of college she realized that practicing medicine had little to do with her passions and was more closely related to accommodating her family’s expectations. Because of this recent change, her interests and experiences in business remain quite broad but she hopes to gain expertise through hard work and dedication in pursuing experiences more closely related to her passions. Next summer, she hopes to intern in Paris at LVMH within their business sector and get a marketing job on campus this fall.


During her free time, Gabriella likes to crochet, play video games, watch twitch streams, read, shop, and going out spontaneously with her friends. Overall, Gabriella values the importance of self expression and freedom which is largely why Alpha Kappa Psi has become so important to her. Initially, she was drawn to AKP because she wanted to build a career in business and find people to shared that value but has since learned that there was so much more to AKP than that. Through the process of joining AKP, Gabriella learned the importance of never giving up and how to be a better friend to those she cared about. Because of this, Gabriella understands that becoming a part of AKP has become an experience that she will always hold dear to her heart and is something that she is undoubtedly grateful for.

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